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Vivere Double Polyester Hammock & 9′ Space Saving Steel Stand – Techno – 450 lb Weight Capacity

Amazon.co.uk Price: £89.95 (as of 24/07/2024 10:30 PST- Details)

  • Large Double hammock
  • Durable woven Polyester hammock
  • Space-saving 9 foot stand
  • Weight capacity: 450 lbs
  • Total Length: 9′
  • Made from heavy duty gauge steel
  • Stand Weight: 35 lbs
  • Some easy assembly required (no tools needed)
  • Hammock bed measures 63 x 95 Inch, Total length 108 Inch
  • Available in other designs and materials
  • Editors Rating: 4.7 / 5


This very popular bestselling 9′ Steel Hammock stand and Polyester hammock set comes with everything you need to set up a hammock in minutes. This portable steel hammock stand set also comes with a handy carry case, allowing you to easily store the hammock and stand when they are not in use as well as take the set anywhere you wish.

Vivere Double Polyester Hammock & 9' Steel Stand - Techno

The steel hammock stand comes complete with a double hammock made from 100% cotton and is able to withstand weights of up to 450 lbs and easily withstand and accommodate 2 people at a time. The stand is made from heavy duty steel and requires no tools for assembly, easy assembly of this steel stand ensures that you will be ready to relax in just a few minutes. The bed area of the double hammock measures 63 x 94 Inch, with a total length of 130 Inch.


Read more below as to why we think this is one of the best hammock stand combinations available!



  • An all in one solution for relaxation  The set contains everything you need to relax quickly after delivery
  • Price – Although this set is a little more pricey than some it is still great value
  • Easy to Assemble   no tools necessary, takes minutes to assemble
  • Weight Capacity – Holds up to 450 lbs
  • Sturdy design easily able to hold 2 people – The double hammock can easily hold two adults and the kids may even fit too
  • Portability – Easy to assemble and take apart, the set comes complete with a carry case
  • Will accommodate almost anyone – Although the stand is 9′ and there are longer ones around, it can still easily hold anyone over 6′ tall
  • Great overall comfort & good looking  The double hammock that comes included has a range of nice looking designs to choose from and provides excellent comfort by cocooning the user safely with exceptional support


  • Mild Rust Issues – While many have no complaints, a few have noted that the stand is prone to rusting. As with all hammock stands it is advised that they are not left out all year as powder coating can only do so much against the weather. In our opinion the Pro’s really do outweigh this problem and since the stand is so easy to assemble and pack away, rust should not cause a problem for most

Perfect for…

This portable hammock stand and hammock combo is perfect for almost everyone. Whether you are 5′ 5″ or 6′ 5″ you should find this set to be perfect for you, with such a large weight capacity of 450 lbs it is one of the strongest stands around.

A great choice for couples who love to relax in their hammock together, some customers even comment that the weight capacity and size of the hammock is enough for 2 adults and a child to use simultaneously.

We have nothing negative to say about this hammock stand and we believe that the majority of people who buy this stand will have no complaints whatsoever. We highly recommend this hammock stand combo as do many who own it.


One of the best steel hammock stands and hammock combo sets around, don’t let the fact that is is only 9′ put you off. With a really big weight capacity and with the ability to hold anyone over 6′ tall this is a great choice for anyone.

Although there are cheaper combo sets available, for a bit extra you can relax knowing that many who have bought this hammock stand love it. One of the most popular portable hammock sets as well as one of the best available in 2015 – 2016!

We have given this product an Overall Rating of 4.7 out of 5. The additional carry case and the portability of this hammock stand combo are great features and the feedback from buyers of the stand really says it all. This is one portable hammock set that we highly recommend whatever your body size or shape!

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Vivere Double Hammock & 9' Steel Stand


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