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Lightweight Camping Chairs Under 4 Kg

Portable and Lightweight Camping Chairs under 4 Kg

When looking for a portable camping chair the weight of the chair is an important aspect.

Below you will find some very highly rated camping chairs that are ideal for hiking due to their light weight.

Each chair below weighs less than 4 Kg making them more suitable when carrying them by hand.

If you are after the most lightweight camping chairs, you can check also check out the ultra lightweight camping chairs section. These include portable camping chairs  such as the Helinox Chair One and Trekology Yizi Pro camping chair which both weigh less than 1 Kg, both of which can also be found in the section below.

Sunmer Padded Camping Chairs - Set of 2, 120 kg Weight Capacity

The benefits of a lightweight portable camping chair for camping or the garden.

The obvious benefit of having a lightweight camping chair is portability and versatility.

A lightweight camping chair can be carried by hand and transported more easily. It can also be maneuvered easily should you need to store the chair somewhere during colder months.

Is there any reason not to opt for a lightweight camping chair?

The only real reason not to opt for a lightweight camping chair is if you need an extra large or oversized camping chair.

Generally speaking the majority of camping chairs that are considered oversized do not weight less than 4 Kg there are some however that are still fairly manageable to carry by hand and the majority are certainly manageable over short distances.

Also if you are simply planing to use a camping chair in your own garden the portability and weight isn’t likely to be a huge issue.

Helinox Chair One Award winning lightweight camping chair 145 kg Weight CapacityBest Most Lightweight Camping Chairs


Helinox One Camping Chair – 0.96 kg

Trekology Yizi Go Camping Chair – 0.96 kg

Edeuoey Camping Chair – 0.91 kg / 2 lbs

Sumner Padded Camping Chairs set of 2 – 3.3 Kg (per chair)

Trail Outdoor Padded Camping Chair – 3.5 kg

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