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XL and Oversized Camping Chairs

Extra large and oversized camping chairs

XL and oversized camping chairs have become a lot more popular in recent years and there are now plenty of styles and options to choose from.

Whether you are looking for a regular camping chair, directors style camping chair or moon camping chair there are often plenty of extra large and oversized variations available.

There are also plenty of oversized and XL zero gravity chairs should that be your preference.

KingCamp Oversize Directors Camping Chair 180 KG Weight Capacity

The benefits of an overized camping chair for camping or the garden.

As you would expect oversized camp chairs are generally larger in size and often feature wider seating areas when compared to regular sized camping chairs.

You can also expect a decent overized camping chair to have a good weight capacity that makes it stronger than regular camping chairs. This however is not always the case as some oversized camping chairs are not much stronger than regular chairs, although they do still provide a little extra space for those who may prefer it.

Is there any reason not to opt for an oversized or extra large camping chair?

Oversized camping chairs are not as portable as some of the more regular sized camping chairs. This therefore, makes them more effort to take camping or hiking.

While there are a few XL camping chairs that are lighter than others, the majority of oversized camping chairs weigh over 4 Kg.

In addition to being heavier, oversized chairs are often more bulky to carry due to their larger size. Luckily most fold down making life a little easier especially for storage and transportation.

It is worth checking the folded dimensions and the chair weight if you are planning on carrying an XL chair over some distance on a hike as some will be less hassle than others.

Below you will find a selection of some of the best rated oversized and extra large camping chairs available. Each chair below has very high ratings and a number of reviews that can help you choose a good camping chair for your needs.

ALPHA CAMP Oversized Camping Chair 160 kg Weight Capacity

ALPHA CAMP Oversized Camping Chair 160 kg Weight Capacity

Best Weight Capacity Camping Chairs


Alpha Camp Camping Chair – 200 kg

KingCamp Directors Camping Chair – 180 Kg

Alpha Camp Oversized Camp Chair – 160 kg

Alpha Camp Moon Camping Chair – 160 kg

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