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A steel or wooden hammock stand is an affordable and useful piece of equipment that can save you a great deal of time and hassle when trying to set up your hammock.

Gone are the days where you have to find to perfectly placed trees to hang your hammock from. With a wooden or portable steel hammock stand you can use your hammock both indoors or out.

Most hammock stands come in a combo set with a hammock included. Often the hammock included is a two person double hammock and you will find most hammock stand sets have a weight capacity of around 450 lbs (around 200 kg) making them strong enough to hold one or two people at a time.

Hammock stands are usually made from either steel or wood. Wooden hammock stands tend to be a little more pricey due to their more aesthetic nature although there is rarely much difference in functionality between steel and wooden hammock stands.

In addition to regular hammock stands you can also find hammock chair stands that take up a lot less space. Hammock chairs are also often bought for children’s bedrooms as a place the child can relax and read or play on a portable device.

If you are in need of a little more information on what to consider when searching for the best hammock stand have a look in the sections below for buying tips and for answers to frequently asked questions.

You can also scroll down to see our top 3 best hammock stands with hammock combo sets.

Amazon Basics Fabric Hammock with Stand
Amazon Basics Fabric Hammock with Stand

Things to consider when buying a hammock stand

As with all furniture style items there are a few things you should take into consideration when looking for the hammock and stand for you. Below are some of the main things to consider when looking for the best hammock stand for your needs.

If you have any trouble finding this information in the manufacturers product descriptions also take a look at the buyer reviews and FAQ’s as there is always a lot of additional product information to be found.

#1. Size and Weight Capacity

hammock stand weight capacity illustrationGenerally most horizontal hammock stands can hold in excess of 400 lbs whereas many of the upright hammock chair stands hold about 300 lbs. The majority of steel and wooden horizontal hammock stands average at around 450 lbs.

If you are purchasing a hammock separately to a hammock stand you need to ensure that you check the hammock weight capacity for suitability also.

It is also worth making a note of the combined weight of both you and your partner if you are planning on using a double hammock together to ensure the hammock and stand set you choose will be adequate.

For fairly obvious reasons you shouldn’t risk exceeding the recommended weight capacity when using a hammock stand. You run the risk of breaking the hammock or the stand and giving yourself an injury if the hammock stand buckles under your weight.

As always double checking the buyer reviews is an excellent way to find out how strong a hammock stand really is (or isn’t). You will soon see if a hammock stand is as strong as the manufacturer claims. For the most part you will find that the recommended weight capacity is correct in most hammock stand product descriptions especially if it is from a reputable brand.

#2. Size and Dimensions

For most, a fairly compact 9 ft space saving stand is going to be more than adequate. The stand is large enough to accommodate the majority of users and leaves a fairly small footprint when compared to larger stands. This makes it ideal for using indoors or perhaps on a porch where space may be limited.

They are also often the most convenient, easy to assemble and portable. They are also the easiest to find as there are many brands to choose from. The space saving Vivere and Amazon Basics hammock and stand sets are particularly popular and well rated.

There are of course longer steel hammock stands and longer wooden hammock stands that range from 10 ft to 15 ft in length and these are great for use out in the yard and around your property. They are however less portable and heavier than the 9 ft long hammock stands.

If you are really pushed for space a steel upright hammock chair stand may be the best choice as they leave the smallest footprint overall. They are limited to only hanging hammock chairs however.

If you already own a hammock and are looking for a hammock stand to fit it, most manufacturers should specify what hammock lengths the stand can accommodate so make sure you pay attention to this. You can also often find out what length of hammock is suitable by checking the FAQ’s and buyer reviews on each stand, as many will mention the size of their hammock when deciding on a purchase or when leaving a review.

It is a far easier option however, to purchase a hammock with stand included to remove any problems when finding a suitable stand.

#3. Price

the price of a hammock standAs with all items, the cost is something that is important to most. Luckily there are a wide range of hammock stands and hammock with stand sets that cater for a wide range of budgets.

If you are a little strapped for cash, then one of the high end wooden hammock stands that cost in excess of £200 probably isn’t going to be a necessity that you require. However, one of the cheaper (and more portable) 9 ft steel hammock stand sets with a hammock included will be a lot more affordable and some of the cheapest hammock with stand sets can be purchased for around £100!

As you can see in our top hammock stand recommendations, two of the best hammock with steel stand combo sets to buy in the UK are usually available for just over £100.

#4. Portability and Material

Sunnydaze 9 ft Brazilian Hammock Stand - BronzeThe material of the hammock stand goes hand in hand as to where you will use the stand. For example a wooden hammock stand weighs more than a steel hammock stand and is a lot harder to carry, wooden hammock stands can also be more effort to put together or take apart.

With this in mind it is clear that a wooden hammock stand is not a particularly useful stand for portability and is therefore better suited as a stationary object in the garden or a room.

If you are looking for a portable hammock stand, a space saving 9 ft hammock stand is by far the best choice. These hammock stands have been specifically designed for portability and often come with a carry bag to make life even easier when out and about. They are also very quick and easy to assemble and take apart.

When choosing the material of your hammock stand you should consider:

  • Price – wooden hammock stands are often a fair bit more expensive than steel hammock stands
  • Portability – if you need a portable hammock stand a wooden hammock stand is not a great idea
  • Preference – Some may feel that wooden hammock stands look more stylish than steel hammock stands

#5. Will you be leaving your hammock stand outdoors?

cloud illustrationIt it often recommended that you do not leave your hammock stand outdoors in bad weather, even though most hammock stands are treated to be weather resistant.

Steel hammock stands will usually have a powder coated finish to protect against rust and weathering, whereas wooden hammock stands also have a protective coat. However, even if a hammock stand has a weather resistant coat, it is best to be on the safe side as wear can still occur.

For smaller, more portable hammock stands it isn’t a great deal of hassle to disassemble them and bring them inside for the winter months, as you can do it in no time. For larger 15 ft steel hammock stands you can also disassemble them, but they take a little longer and are a little more effort, much like wooden hammock stands.

You may wish to invest in a protective cover for your hammock stand if you wish to avoid having to completely disassemble it. Or store it somewhere outdoors undercover.

#6. Purpose and hammock type

Will you be using your hammock to sleep in? Or simply relaxing on during hot summer afternoons?

If you are planning on sleeping in your hammock then a double Brazilian style hammock often included with the 9 ft long hammock stands is an ideal solution, as is any hammock that wraps around you to keep you cocooned in. They are also great hammocks for kids as they keep them securely positioned.

On the other hand a spreader bar style hammock, often included with longer 10 – 15 ft hammock stands will be pretty useless when trying to sleep as they do not cocoon you and wrap you in securely. However spreader bar style hammocks are great for relaxing in when sunbathing, provided you don’t accidentally fall asleep.

If you like to sit and sway while relaxing and reading a book, an upright hammock stand with a hammock chair would suit you well, you can tuck it away in the corner of the room or out on the porch. Hammock chair stands are great ideas for kids to relax in also.

#7. Buyer Reviews and buyer FAQ’s

hammock stand ratinBuyer reviews are extremely important and have completely changed the way we shop. Reading buyers reviews is an excellent way to quickly see how others feel, highlighting how the hammock stand could be improved or how perfect they consider the hammock and stand set to be.

You can also compare different hammock stands incredibly quickly simply by looking at the average buyer rating and the volume of reviews left.

Buyer reviews are also incredibly useful as they can often provide you with small details that the manufacturer may have left out of their product description. They can also highlight any issues with delivery, packaging and assembly.

The FAQ’s left by buyers are also great for further knowledge of the product you are deciding on. When it comes to hammock stands the FAQ’s can also be a massive help when deciding if the hammock stand will fit your hammock (if of course you are not buying a hammock with stand set).

You will often find with hammock stands, that they are either very well rated or very poorly rated by buyers, which makes life fairly easy for the consumer as you can often clearly see the best choices. When compiling our lists of the best hammocks with stands, buyer reviews are one of the main factors taken into consideration.

What is the maximum weight capacity a hammock and stand set can hold?

This information is very easy to find and if it is not clearly listed then you should avoid that particular hammock and stand set. The weight capacity should be one of the main items listed by the manufacturer and if it is hard to find this information, it could be considered a little untrustworthy from the manufacturer.

You are very unlikely to find a hammock stand set where the weight capacity isn’t clearly stated and it is quite strange that this question is asked so frequently.

The only time finding the weight capacity of hammock related items may be an issue is if you are buying a hammock for a stand you already have. This is since you will need to know the maximum weight capacity of both the hammock and stand individually. If the stand holds 450 lbs (204 kg) yet the hammock only holds 300 lbs (136 Kg), the 300 lb weight capacity of the hammock is the maximum weight capacity.

Is there a cover for this hammock stand?

CoverMates Elite Polyester Hammock Cover KhakiThis is a question often asked in relation to wooden hammock stands or larger steel stands as space saving steel stands are generally fairly easy to pack up and store.

Hammock stand sets generally do not come with a cover included, but there are plenty of outdoor furniture covers that can be purchased separately. You will need to check the cover fits the dimensions of the stand though.

How easy is it to remove a hammock from a stand for washing/storage?

Removing a hammock from a stand is incredibly easy and often will only take a minute or so. This is ideal should you wish to remove the hammock after every use should you prefer not to keep it outdoors with the stand.

Do I need to assemble the Hammock stand?

Most hammock stands will require assembly and some are easier than others to assemble.

Generally speaking space saving steel hammock stand sets are the easiest to put together since they are designed for portability.

Reading buyer reviews and buyer FAQ’s is usually the most effective way to find out how easy or hard a hammock stand is to assemble.

Buyer reviews are also a good way to find out if there are any reoccurring issues with delivery that may affect assembly such as missing or broken parts.

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Top 3 Best Hammock with Stand Recommendations

Most Popular

Vivere Double Hammock with Space-Saving Steel Stand - 204 kg Weight Capacity

Vivere Hammock and Steel Stand

A very popular & highly rated hammock and stand set

  • Weight Capacity: 450 lbs / 204 kg
  • Double two person hammock
  • Multiple hammock colour options available
  • Space saving steel stand
  • 12 Month Warranty from Vivere
  • Easy to assemble

Best Low Priced

Amazon Basics Fabric Hammock with Stand

Amazon Basics Hammock and stand

Highly rated and great value for money

  • Weight Capacity: 400 lbs / 181.4 kg
  • Double two person hammock
  • Hammock bed 94″ x 63″ (130″ end-to-end)
  • Space saving 9′ (2.74 m) steel stand
  • AmazonBasics limited one year warranty
  • Easy to assemble

Best Wooden

Vivere Double Cotton Hammock with Solid Pine Arc Stand - Tropical

Vivere Hammock and Pine Arc Stand

A well rated and popular wooden stand set

  • Weight Capacity: 450 lbs / 204 kg
  • Double two person hammock
  • Multiple hammock colour options
  • Dimensions: 254 x 117 x 104 cm (L x W x H)
  • Adjustable hammock hooks
  • Easy to assemble

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