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Camping Chairs

There are always plenty of options when it comes to camping chairs and there are a few different styles to choose from.

If you are looking for a camping chair that has a good weight capacity or a more lightweight option there are certain styles of camping chair that will benefit you more than others.

As you can see in our top 3 best camping chair recommendations below the Alpha Camp chair which has a very high weight capacity, is more of a director style camp chair when compared to the most lightweight option – the Edeuoey camp chair.

The majority of camping chairs look fairly similar to the Ever Advanced camping chair (pictured right and featured in our top 3 below).

Camping chairs are able fold up for portability and require little to no assembly. The vast majority also come complete with a carry bag included and have drinks holders and storage pouches.

When it comes to weight capacity and chair weight, camping chairs can differ a bit so it is always worth looking for and comparing this information.

In many cases you will find a lightweight portable chair is often able to hold less weight than a heavy duty high weight capacity camping chair and vice versa. If you are in need of a more heavy duty chair you may have to opt for a slightly less portable option.

There are also other variations and styles that are also great chairs for camping such as moon chairs and zero gravity chairs which many claim provide health benefits while you relax in them due to the nature of the reclined position you relax in.

EVER ADVANCED Folding Camping Chair 136 kg Weight Capacity Blue or Black

Things to consider when buying a Camping Chair

#1. Size and Weight Capacity

ALPHA CAMP Oversized Camping Chair Heavy Duty 200 KG Weight CapacityCamping chairs generally have a weight capacity between 100 and 200 kg (approx 230 – 400 lbs) with the majority of camp chairs having 100 – 150 kg weight capacities.

If you are on the larger side, weight capacity is likely to be an important piece of information to look for, as is the size of the chair.

An oversized camping chair is an ideal solution for larger users due to the larger overall size and above average weight capacity. Oversized chairs often feature wider seats also.

Oversized or extra large camping chairs can also be a great choice if you are simply looking for a slightly more roomy chair with a little extra strength. Although some smaller users may find them a little too large or their liking.

One great example of a good oversized camping chair is the Alpha Camp chair (pictured) which has a high 200 kg weight capacity and large 100 x 100 x 64 cm (W x H x D) dimensions.

Generally speaking camping chairs with higher weight capacities are not as portable (lightweight) as other camping chairs that hold less weight.

It is fairly rare to find a camping chair that is both very lightweight and able to hold a lot of weight.

Oversized chairs are also often larger in size and in many cases more awkward to carry.

#2. Portability

EDEUOEY Ultralight Backpack Camping Chair 104 KG Weight CapacityAs mentioned earlier the majority of camping chairs are designed with portability in mind. However, some camping chairs such as oversized camp chairs and zero gravity chairs are more awkward to carry and can be fairly heavy when compared to most regular camping chairs making them slightly less suitable for hiking etc.

If we look at the carrying weight of the 3 recommended recommended camping chairs in the section above you can see camping chair weights do differ a fair bit.

  • The standard sized Ever Advanced camping chair weighs 3.9 kg which is fairly average (3 – 4 kg) for this style of chair.
  • The oversized Alpha Camp camping chair weighs 6 kg, this chair is much heavier due to a very high weight capacity and larger overall dimensions compared to standard size camp chairs such as the Ever Advanced chair.
  • The ultra lightweight Edeuoey camping chair weighs only 0.91 kg making it ideal for portability over long distances. This style of camping chair is however often smaller and in some cases holds less weight than regular style camping chairs such as the other two listed here.

If you are simply looking for a camping chair for the garden, chair weight isn’t likely to be a huge concern although you will still likely need to move the chair occasionally but most camping chairs should be fairly manageable.

Overall most camping chairs should be fine to carry over fairly short distances. Most camping chairs come complete with a carry bag to make portability a much easier task.

Over long distances the smaller camping chairs such as the lightweight Edeuoey camp chair (pictured) are ideal due to their light weight. Also since they break down into smaller pieces they are much less bulky than regular camping chairs and zero gravity chairs that are one complete unit, and they can be set up in a matter of minutes. This style of chair is also much cheaper compared to other camping chair styles.

#3. Price

the price of a hammock standThe majority of standard style camping and moon chairs cost between £35 – £70, although you can find cheaper budget options and more expensive variations that are more likely to be oversized or more padded.

You can however, often find padded and oversized camping chairs for around £70.

More reputable brands are higher in cost as most would probably expect and these tend to fall in the £50 – £70 bracket.

More portable lightweight camping chairs in the same style as the Edeueoy camping chair mentioned in the last section are usually much cheaper and range from around £20 – £40.

Whereas zero gravity chairs are often the most expensive style of outdoor chair generally starting at around £50 per chair. The majority of zero gravity chairs cost under £100 but high end brands such as Lafuma can cost anything up to £300.

hammock stand ratin

#4. Buyer Reviews and buyer FAQ’s

Buyer reviews are the best way to quickly tell how comfortable a chair is and how accurate the specifications are, such as whether the claimed weight capacity is accurate.

They are also ideal to check if there are any issues with the camping chair that are frequently mentioned.

FAQ’s are also a great source of information that often provide details that may have been left out by the manufacturer.

You also get a lot of potential buyers asking about dimensions etc, so they are also a good place to check to see if the manufacturer specifications are accurate.

Ultralightweight Camping Chairs

Helinox Chair One Award winning lightweight camping chair 145 kg Weight CapacityThis style of camping chair is easy to identify as they all have a very unique design.

Generally this style of camping chair weighs under 1 kg (around 2 lbs) making them some of the most lightweight camping chairs on the market.

This style of chair is also very easy to carry as the pack size is also very small, often around 35 cm x 15 cm making these chair ideal to put into a backpack or simply carry by hand.

The ultralight camping chairs often have aluminium frames making them fairly strong, however due to their more portable nature they often do not hold as much weight as other styles of camping chairs.

This style of chair also requires a bit of assembly each time they are set up, however the assembly is fairly easy and requires no tools so after a few setups most should find setting the chair up fairly easy.

EDEUOEY Ultralight Backpack Camping Chair 104 KG Weight CapacityThe Pros of this style of chair all centre around portability and price.

  • They are extremely lightweight, especially when compared to other camping chairs
  • They have a small pack size and are by far the easiest camping chairs to carry
  • They are often very low in price, with some exceptions should you wish to have a higher quality variation
  • Easy to set up
  • Good value for money

The Cons: 

  • A lower weight capacity than other camping chair styles
  • Not a great choice for older/less agile users due to a low seat height

You can view some of the best ultralight weight camping chairs here.

Moon Chair Camping Chairs/ Saucer Chairs

KingCamp Moon Chair Camping Folding Chair 136 kg Weight CapacityThis style of camping chair can be either a standard size or an oversized variation.

The moon chair or saucer chair (as it is sometimes referred to) is fairly similar to the standard camping chair design but has a more circular less angled design.

Some prefer to opt for moon chairs over the more traditional style as they prefer the comfort provided by the more encased seating area. On larger variations of moon camping chairs you can also cross your legs which is not possible on chairs with traditional horizontal armrests.

Generally speaking the weight capacities, chair weight and dimensions of this style of chairs do not differ much from regular camping chairs. As with regular folding camping chairs the oversized moon chairs are larger and have a higher maximum load.

Moon chairs tend to have weight capacities from around 130 kg – 160 kg and the chair weight usually falls between 3 – 7 kg. Much like the weight capacities and the chair weight the dimensions of each chair can differ from chair to chair so comparing chair specifications before purchase is worthwhile.

Moon camping chairs are fairly portable and fold inwards for transportation and carrying making them very easy to set up and collapse without any assembly. They also usually come complete with a carry bag for easier maneuverability.

Due to the similar specifications when compared to more regular style camping chairs the main reason to opt for a moon camping chair is the comfort. It is true that plenty of regular style camping chairs do also provide extremely good comfort, however none wrap around to encompass the whole body as a moon chair does.

CAMPING WORLD Folding Oversized Moon Chair 160 kgThe Pros

  • Very well designed camping chairs that are robust and unlikely to damage easily
  • Very comfortable to sit in due to the padded seating area that wraps around the body
  • Most moon chairs are very well rated by buyers with very few negative reviews
  • Oversized moon chairs are very big and ideal for larger users

The Cons: 

  • Generally higher in price when compared to other camping chairs
  • Some moon chairs have no armrest support
  • Some models are a little heavy to carry over long distances

You can view some of the best Moon and Saucer camping chairs here.

Folding Camping Chairs / High Back Camping Chairs / Director Camping Chairs

ALPHA CAMP Oversized Camping Chair 160 kg Weight CapacityThis style of camping chair is generally considered the standard style of camping chair and they are by far the most popular design.

The majority of folding camping chairs fold or collapse inwards rather than folding in a deck chair style making them much easier to carry than for example a zero gravity chair (see the next section). Most also come with a carry bag included to make portability an easier task.

There are a lot of folding camping chairs to choose from on the market and they can vary greatly in their specifications. Especially when it comes to weight capacity, chair weight and the dimensions of the chair.

Weight capacities generally fall between 120 – 200 kg and chair weight is usually in the 3 kg – 6 kg range.

Folding camping chairs may be oversized or padded, they can also have a high backrest or have a director chair design without lower back support.

As with most portable chairs the larger oversized variations tend to be heavier to carry, so when deciding on what camping chair is best for you it is good to find one that offers an adequate weight capacity and size with a manageable chair weight.

Due to the huge amount of choice you have when looking for this style of camping chair buyer reviews are a valuable resource to use. Checking individual chair specifications is also a must.

KingCamp Oversize Directors Camping Chair 180 KG Weight CapacityThe Pros

  • A large selection of chairs to choose from with various weight capacities and sizes on offer
  • Some very low priced options to choose from
  • Comfortable
  • Armrests
  • Fairly portable depending on individual chair weight
  • An excellent range of chairs available for larger users
  • No assembly required

The Cons: 

  • Some chairs may lack quality so sometimes it is better to buy from a reputable brand

You can view a wide range of some of the best folding camping chairs below in the shop area.

Zero Gravity Chairs

Zero gravity chairs are a very popular chair since they are considered a chair with health benefits. Unfortunately make pretty terrible camping chairs due to the bulky and heavy design.

The recline angle that the zero gravity chair positions the body in (zero gravity position) is considered beneficial to health due to it raising the feet above the heart to promote circulation and reduce pressure upon the spine.

The zero gravity position is the natural position into which the body moves when experiencing floating in micro gravity conditions.

While testing the optimal position an astronaut should assume during liftoff. NASA found that the astronaut should be reclined into a position where their legs were elevated as it significantly lessened the amount of pressure exerted upon their bodies.

Other claimed health benefits of the zero gravity position include increased lung capacity and improved respiration, Improved Circulation in the legs to help prevent conditions such as varicose veins and a reduction in joint pressure and muscle tension.

Zero gravity chairs are an excellent choice for relaxing in the garden and there are many style variations such as padded and oversized/XL to choose from, as well as many brands.

They are however not very portable. They do fold down flat which is great for storage and transportation but if you have ever owned a zero gravity chair you will know they are fairly annoying to carry by hand.

For example one standard size zero gravity chair taken at random measures 97 x 64 x 16 cm when folded with a chair weight of 7.8 kg. When compared to a random folding camping chair which measures 104 x 21.6 x 21.6 cm and weighs 3.9 kg it is clear the zero gravity chair would not be the best choice for hiking.

The Pros

  • Large selection of chairs to choose from
  • Some very low priced options available
  • Oversized option available
  • Health benefits
  • Comfortable
  • Armrests
  • Adjustable recline positioning
  • No assembly required

The Cons: 

  • Difficult to carry by hand
  • Most chairs are fairly heavy in comparison to other camping chairs
  • Carry bags not included

You can some of the best zero gravity chairs available here.

Top 3 Best Camping Chair Recommendations

Most Popular

EVER ADVANCED Folding Camping Chair 136 kg Weight Capacity Blue or Black

Ever Advanced Camp Chair

Very popular & highly rated camping chair

  • Weight Capacity: 106 kg / 233 lbs
  • Dimensions: 55.9 x 55.9 x 109.2 cm (L x W x H)
  • Chair weight: 3.9 kg
  • Padded and Oversized
  • Cup holder and storage pouch
  • Carry bag included
  • A great all rounder

Other Popular Choices:

Yizi Go Portable Camp Chair

Trail Outdoor Camp Chair

KingCamp Directors Camping Chair

Best Weight Capacity

ALPHA CAMP Oversized Camping Chair Heavy Duty 200 KG Weight Capacity

Alpha Camp Camping Chair

Very heavy duty with a high weight capacity

  • Weight Capacity: 200 kg / 400 lbs
  • Dimensions: 100 x 100 x 64 cm – (W x H x D)
  • Chair Weight: 6 kg / 13.2 lbs
  • Padded and oversized
  • Cup holder, cooler bag and storage pocket
  • Carry Bag included
  • Great for larger users

Other High Capacity options:

KingCamp Directors Camping Chair – 180 Kg

Alpha Camp Oversized Camp Chair – 160 kg

Alpha Camp Moon Camping Chair – 160 kg

Best Portable & Lightweight

EDEUOEY Ultralight Backpack Camping Chair 104 KG Weight Capacity

Edeuoey Camping Chair

Lightweight and very low in price

  • Weight Capacity: 104 kg / 230 lbs
  • Dimensions: 57.4 x 54.1 x 66.8 cm (L x W x H)
  • Chair Weight: 0.91 kg / 2 lbs
  • Aluminium lightweight frame
  • Carry bag included
  • Carry bag can be used for storage when set up
  • One of the most lightweight & low priced

Other great portable choices:

Helinox One Camping Chair – 0.96 kg

Trekology Yizi Go Camp Chair – 0.96 kg

Trail Outdoor Padded Camp Chair – 3.5 kg

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