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Zero Gravity Chair

Zero Gravity Chairs

Zero gravity chairs are a great outdoor chair for many since they are considered to be a chair with health benefits. Unfortunately due to their bulky and heavy design they are not a great choice for camping.

Zero gravity chairs are named this way since the recline angle (zero gravity position) that the chair positions the body in, is considered beneficial to health due to it raising the feet above the heart to promote circulation, it also reduces pressure on the spine.

The zero gravity position is the natural position into which the body moves when experiencing floating in micro gravity conditions.

While testing the optimal position an astronaut should assume during liftoff. NASA found that the astronaut should be reclined into a position where their legs were elevated as it significantly lessened the amount of pressure exerted upon their bodies.

Other claimed health benefits of the zero gravity position include increased lung capacity and improved respiration, Improved Circulation in the legs to help prevent conditions such as varicose veins and a reduction in joint pressure and muscle tension.

Zero gravity chairs are an excellent choice for relaxing in the garden and there are many style variations such as padded and oversized/XL to choose from, as well as many brands.

They are however not particularly portable. They do fold down flat which is ideal for storage and transportation but they are a real pain to carry over distance by hand.

Due to the size of the zero gravity chair when folded and the chair weight there are much better camping chairs to choose for hiking.

However if you are looking for a chair for the home and garden, zero gravity chairs are a great choice!

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