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At My Hammock Stand we aim to bring you the best hammock stands from around the internet. Although there are many hammock stands and hammocks with stands to choose from, we only select the highest rated hammock stands to display here. Hammock stands that have proven themselves to be a great product with excellent consumer reviews.

Whether you are looking for a Steel Hammock Stand or a Wooden stand we have got it covered, when you view a product on our site you will get more than just a quick product description. We have gone to great lengths to analyse all of the feedback and reviews each particular hammock stand has received meaning at the click of a button you can quickly assess whether the stand will be suitable for your hammock and relaxation needs.

In addition to being able to view what other consumers have been saying about a particular hammock stand we have also given our opinion on each hammock stand. On each product page you will be able to see what we think about the stand and see the Pros and Cons we feel need to be considered before a purchase. You can also quickly see the rating that we have given the hammock stand as well as learn if the hammock stand will be right for you.

Already own a hammock? We list a number of stands on our site that come with or without a hammock included, or if you are simply looking for hammock accessories to protect or help move your hammock stand we have these listed also.

At My Hammock Stand you can shop by the type of hammock stand you need, by Length or by Brand. We list stands from some of the leading garden furniture manufacturers in the country including Best Choice Products and Vivere! If you have given a hammock as a gift and now need a stand to fit it, you can quickly search the stands we have on our site by the length of the stand in feet. We have a range of stands starting at 9 ft long going all the way up to huge 15 ft long stands that will accommodate the tallest and heavier among us.

We hope our reviews are helpful to all of the hammock enthusiasts out there and hope that you find the best hammock stand to suit your individual needs.

Best Hammock with Stand Buying Guide

If you already own a hammock a steel or wooden hammock stand is an affordable and useful piece of equipment that can save you a great deal of time and hassle when trying to set up your hammock. Gone are the days where you have to find to perfectly placed trees to hang your hammock from when you are in the great outdoors, with a portable steel hammock stand you can use your hammock anywhere indoors or out providing space is not an issue.

The most important thing to consider is where you will use your hammock stand and whether you require a portable option. If you are in need of the best portable hammock stand a 9 ft long hammock stand will be an ideal choice. If however, you would prefer a more stationary option to use in your yard a 15 ft long steel hammock stand or wooden hammock stand may be a more preferable choice.

You may even prefer the look of an upright hammock stand that you can use with hammock swing chairs.

Regardless of what sort of hammock stand you require we have listed the best on offer so you can quickly see what we and many others consider to be the best portable hammock stand, the best wooden hammock and the best upright hammock stands.

If you are in need of a little more information on what to consider when searching for the best hammock stand have a look further down the page to find our list of considerations.

The Best Hammock with Stand Sets

#1.The Best Portable

Vivere Double Hammock with 9 ft Steel Hammock Stand

Vivere double hammock with 9 foot hammock stand

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#2.The Best Low Priced

Lazy Daze Hammocks Double Hammock with 9 ft Steel Hammock Stand

Lazy Daze double hammock with 9 ft stand

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#3.The Best Wooden

Vivere Double Hammock with 8.5 ft Wooden Hammock Stand

Vivere double hammock with 8.5 ft wooden stand

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#4.The Best 12 ft

Sorbus Spreader bar Hammock with 12 ft Hammock Stand

Sorbus double hammock with 12 ft steel stand

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#5.The Best 15 ft

Caribbean Hammocks double rope hammock and 15 ft steel hammock stand

Caribbean Hammocks hammock with 15 ft steel stand

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#1. Vivere Double Hammock with 9 ft Steel Hammock Stand

Vivere are one of the top companies when it comes to making hammock stands and considering the popularity of this hammock combo set, it is clearly the best hammock with stand that you can currently buy.

This hammock and stand combo set is available with a wide choice of hammock color options. If you already own a hammock you can also buy the very highly rated 9 ft steel hammock stand from Vivere separately at a very good price.

The best portable hammock with stand set

The vast number of very high ratings make this Vivere hammock and stand set the most obvious choice if you are looking for the best hammock with stand included. Everything about this set has buyers complimenting it, from the high quality to the comfort provided.

It is true that there are similar hammock and stand sets available for a slightly lower price but none appear to match the high quality and excellent workmanship that this VIvere model has to offer. You will also notice on the lower priced hammock stands you do not get as many options when choosing a hammock color scheme, whereas with this hammock and stand set you are spoiled for choice.

On this Vivere 9 ft hammock and stand set you also have the option of what hammock material you would prefer. There is a choice of Cotton, Polyester or all season Sunbrella fabric all of which are highly comfortable and long lasting. The hammock is also very easy to clean and keep in good condition.

The space saving steel hammock stand that comes complete with this hammock set is also one of the best hammock stands currently available. The hammock and stand set is able to hold up to 450 lbs in weight and weighs 35 lbs making it a very durable and portable choice.

The included carry case is also very good quality and stylish in comparison to the nondescript carry bags often included with other brands.

In addition to this being the best hammock and stand set overall, it is also one of the best portable hammock stands available. It can be easily assembled and quickly taken apart without any hassle or additional tools in a matter of minutes.

Features and Specifications:

  • Large Double hammock
  • 100-percent tightly weaved cotton hammock
  • Space-saving 9 foot long hammock stand
  • Overall Footprint: 110 x 47 x 43 inches
  • Weight capacity: 450 lbs
  • Stand made from heavy duty steel
  • Item Weight: 35 lbs
  • Some easy assembly required (no tools needed)
  • Available in other designs and materials
  • Multiple hammock color options available
  • Choice of Cotton, Polyester or Sunbrella fabric hammock
  • Premium carry bag included

What makes the Vivere hammock and stand set a better option than others?

As we have already touched upon, the high quality is really what sets this 9 ft hammock and stand set apart from the cheaper models. There are also far more buyer reviews to compare on this model making it a very safe option to consider.

Other brands often receive reviews stating that the frame rusted or the hammock fabric faded fairly quickly. However, as you can see in the reviews for this Vivere set there is very little negativity, especially when it comes to durability and longevity.

You are also buying from one of the most reputable hammock brands around should you purchase a Vivere product. Vivere garden products are renowned for their consistently high ratings making them a very safe investment to choose. All Vivere products are also backed by a 1 year warranty from the date of purchase for further peace of mind.

#2. Lazy Daze Hammocks Double Hammock with 9 ft Steel Hammock Stand

The Lazy Daze hammocks space saving steel hammock stand is very similar to the Vivere hammock and stand set above, however, it is a cheaper alternative.

Much like Vivere, Lazy Daze Hammocks are a very reputable company and as you would guess by the name, their main specialty is creating excellent hammock products. Lazy Daze is a very well rated and affordable range to choose and an ideal choice if you are on a tight budget!

The best cheap hammock with stand set

Overall this Lazy Daze portable hammock with space saving steel stand is very similar to the Vivere hammock stand set listed above in both high ratings and specifications. And just like the Vivere set you get wide range hammock color options to choose from.

Due to this hammock and stand sets low price, it has gained a large size of reviews from many satisfied buyers who regularly point out that this hammock stand set provides great quality at an affordable price.

As with most of the 9ft hammock stand combo sets, this Lazy Daze hammock and stand has been designed to be highly portable! The stand can be assembled in a matter of minutes and breaks down into 5 pieces that can be stored and transported in the handy carry bag which is included. Also thanks to the screw bolt design you don’t need any tools to assemble the stand!

The hammock stand is able to hold up to 450 lbs and the 2 person hammock is included along with a head pillow. When packed into the carry bag the overall weight of this hammock and stand set is around 34.2 lbs making it a great portable hammock stand to use anywhere.

Features and Specifications:

  • Large 2 person canvas material hammock
  • Space-saving 9 foot long hammock stand
  • Overall Footprint: 115 x 48 x 30 inches
  • Hammock bed size: 84 x 59 inches (L x W)
  • Weight capacity: 450 lbs
  • Powder coated steel stand
  • Item Weight: 34.2 lbs
  • Very easy assembly required (no tools needed)
  • Multiple hammock color options available
  • Premium carry bag included
  • Head pillow included

What makes the Lazy Daze hammock and stand set one of the best options?

The first thing that stands out about this particular hammock and stand set is how quickly and easily it can be assembled. It is ridiculous how easy it is to piece together and take apart. You can also check this out yourself via the red button below to view a video of the hammock with stand being assembled.

Another reason this Lazy Daze hammock and stand set stands out is due to the large amount of hammock color options that are on offer. When compared to other low price hammock stand sets, that often tend to have the same 3 hammock designs to choose from, the color variety on offer here is much more refreshing!

Overall there are a fair few hammock stands with double hammocks included in this price range that have pretty good ratings, however, this set has a very good amount of reviews making it a very safe option to consider from a very respectable brand.

#3. Vivere Double Hammock with 8.5 ft Wooden Hammock Stand

Vivere appear for the second time in this list of the best hammock with stand sets, this time with their space saving wooden hammock stand.

When searching around for a wooden hammock stand it is often hard to find one that has consistently high reviews. For some reason there are always some buyers that are not completely satisfied with most of the wooden hammock stands available. Thankfully now that Vivere have started making wooden hammock and stand sets you can be a little more reassured that the quality will be high, as will the average buyer rating!

The best space saving wooden hammock stand with hammock set

As usual Vivere have made a very nice hammock stand set that is available with a range of hammock color options. You will also notice that this is one of the few space saving wooden hammock stands available, as the majority of wooden hammock stands from other brands tend to be in the 12 ft long range.

This 8.5 ft wooden hammock stand set is also quite unique since it comes with a double Brazilian style hammock, rather than the spreader bar style of hammock that seems to be included with every other wooden hammock stand combo set on the market. This makes it perfect for sleeping in and also due to the space saving design it is ideal for use indoors, as well as outside.

The stand is made from solid pine wood and when combined with the comfortable cotton hammock it can hold 2 adults up to a weight of 450 lbs.

As is to be expected with wooden hammock stands this Vivere stand is not very portable, especially when compared with similar sized 9 ft steel hammock stands. However it is one of the lightest wooden stands available and weighs approximately 56.4 lbs.

It is also not as quick to assemble as steel hammock stands, however this is true for all wooden hammock stands and when compared to other wooden hammock stands this is one of the easiest to assemble.

Overall this hammock with wooden stand set is a great choice that is both comfortable and very well built.

Features and Specifications:

  • 2 person 100% cotton hammock
  • Space-saving 8.5 foot long wooden hammock stand
  • Overall Footprint: 102 x 47 x 41 inches (L x W x H)
  • Weight capacity: 450 lbs
  • Solid pine wood construction
  • Item Weight: 56.4 lbs
  • Easy assembly required
  • Multiple hammock color options available
  • Ideal for indoor or outdoor use

What makes the Vivere wooden hammock with stand set an outstanding choice?

When compared to other wooden hammock stand sets that come with a hammock included, this set really is very unique. Firstly the 450 lb weight capacity sets it apart from many other wooden hammock stand sets. Most other wooden sets tend to only hold around 300 lbs on average, so this is a great choice if you are looking for a stylish wooden hammock stand that can hold a decent amount of weight.

Secondly the space saving design makes it a very compact choice that is great for use indoors. Also due to the compact nature of this stand it also weighs a little less than other wooden hammock stands and is therefore slightly easier to maneuver should you wish to alternate using it indoors and out on a regular basis. Also as we have previously mentioned the fact it comes with a Brazilian style hammock rather than a spreader bar hammock makes it a great choice if you wish to have a safe and secure nap.

As with all Vivere products you can be assured of quality and comfort due to their high level of workmanship. This is often complemented when you read the buyer reviews on their hammock stands and many love the comfort and the solid durable design of this wooden hammock stand set.

#4. Sorbus Spreader bar Hammock with 12 ft Hammock Stand

Sorbus are a brand that do not only specialize in making hammock stand sets as they manufacture a wide range of other unrelated products. However, even though hammock stands are not their primary focus, they have made an extremely good product here, that is incredibly well rated by users.

If you are looking for a 12 ft long hammock stand with hammock included, the Sorbus hammock with stand set is an outstanding choice at a very good price. When compared to similar 12 ft long hammock stand sets the Sorbus range really stands out due to their high ratings and very good looking hammock designs.

The best 12 foot hammock stand with hammock set

This double spreader bar style hammock with 12 ft hammock stand set really stands out and features a very good 450 lbs weight capacity making it ideal for 2 people to use at once. This is especially good since some other 12 ft hammock and stand sets are only for one person use and have fairly low weight capacities in comparison.

This hammock with stand set is also very easy to assemble and requires no tools. The hammock stand can be quickly pieced together using snap lock mechanisms which makes it an ideal choice for those who are less handy with assembly.

As with most 12 ft hammock stands this hammock stand set isn’t ideal for portability due to it being heavier than the 9 ft space saving stands. It is however, a great choice if you are looking for a more stationary hammock stand that can be used indoors or out.

This hammock and stand set has amassed a great deal of very positive reviews and many highlight how comfortable it is to relax upon and how high quality both the stand and hammock are. It is also frequently mentioned how this is one of the easiest 12 ft hammock stands to assemble.

There are 4 choices of hammock color variations to choose from and each, really compliments this good quality steel stand. All in all there are a number of 12 ft long hammock stand sets with hammock included to choose from, many of which are also very well regarded. However, for the price, the Sorbus model is one of the top choices on offer.

Features and Specifications:

  • Heavy duty 2 person cotton hammock (Dye treated for UV resistance)
  • 12 ft steel hammock stand
  • Overall Footprint: 147 x 47 x 47 inches (L x W x H)
  • Hammock bed measures: 55 x 75 inches (W x L)
  • Weight capacity: 450 lbs
  • Item Weight: 42.6 lbs
  • Easy assembly required (no tools needed)
  • Multiple hammock color options available
  • Ideal for indoor or outdoor use
  • Spreader bar style hammock

What makes the Sorbus hammock with 12 ft stand the best choice?

When searching around for a 12 ft hammock stand with a hammock included you will notice that many of the sets on offer can only hold around 275 – 350 lbs in weight. The Sorbus hammock with stand set however is able to hold a recommended weight capacity of 450 lbs making it one of the strongest and most secure hammock stands in this length range.

The Sorbus 12 ft hammock stand with hammock included is also fairly well priced when compared to similar sets from other brands.

When it comes to buyer opinion, there are other 12 foot long hammock and stand sets that also have very good buyer ratings and they are also great choices to consider. Although overall, due to the two factors above this Sorbus hammock stand set is certainly one of the best hammock with stand sets in this size.

Many love the comfort and the quality of this hammock and stand set and consider it a very easy hammock stand to assemble. Also many praise Sorbus on their excellent levels of customer service.

#5. Caribbean Hammocks Jumbo Rope Hammock with 15 ft Hammock Stand

Hammock products from the brand Caribbean Hammocks are always worth a look, as they are often exceptionally highly rated. Currently this combo set (at the time of writing) does not have a great deal of reviews. However, the set comprises of the 15 ft metal tri-beam stand from Caribbean hammocks and the Caribbean rope hammock, both of which are individually very well rated by buyers.

Not everyone is a fan of rope hammocks so this combo set isn’t ideal for all. Although if this is the case you could always buy the 15 ft stand from Caribbean hammocks separately here along with one of their jumbo Caribbean hammocks to create your own Caribbean hammocks combo set!

The best 15 foot hammock stand with hammock combo

This is one very heavy duty hammock and stand set that boasts a very satisfactory 600 lbs weight capacity, making it one of the strongest hammock and stand combo sets around. The long 15 ft hammock stand has been built to last using high quality carbon steel that has been powder coated for outdoor protection. The rope hammock is also extremely good quality and since it is woven from polyester ropes it will last up to ten times longer than a cotton hammock.

Caribbean Hammocks overall are an excellent brand to choose for both hammocks and stands and they really stand behind the quality of their products. With this particular set you get a 100% satisfaction guarantee. The tri-beam metal hammock stand is covered with a 3 year warranty whereas the rope hammock has a 1 year warranty for complete peace of mind!

The hammock and stand set can be assembled fairly easily without the need for any tools and everything you need to set up the hammock and stand is included in the package such as chains and hardware.

This is an ideal hammock and stand set that can fit two people at a time, however as is expected due to the heavy nature of 15 ft long hammock stands it is not particularly portable.

Overall the high quality of the Caribbean Hammocks brand is hard to beat, and as you can see on other hammock stands and hammock products from their range, they always gain very high buyer ratings and receive huge amounts of praise. This set is a great choice for anyone looking for a large heavy duty hammock and stand set that can be used both indoors and out.

Features and Specifications:

  • Heavy duty 2 person spreader bar rope hammock
  • 15 ft powder coated metal hammock stand
  • Overall Footprint: 15 ft (L) x 55″ (W) x 4 ft (H)
  • Weight capacity: 600 lbs
  • Item Weight: 75 lbs
  • Easy assembly required (no tools needed)
  • Multiple hammock color options available
  • Ideal for indoor or outdoor use
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

What makes the Caribbean Hammocks rope hammock with 15 ft stand the stand out choice?

There are loads of reasons as to why this hammock stand set is such a great choice as we have already touched upon.

Firstly it is ridiculously heavy duty and has been built to last. For some the 600 lbs weight capacity alone is a great reason to opt for this hammock set, and when combined with the hammock and stands high quality design and guaranteed longevity, it is easy to see why this set is one of the top choices.

The second reason is Caribbean Hammocks long warranties that they back their products with. The 100% satisfaction guarantee allows buyers to purchase in complete confidence and provides good cover in the unlikely event you are unsatisfied with their expertly crafted products.

The Caribbean Tri-beam hammock stand is considered by many very easy to assemble and you have a wide variety of hammock color options to choose from.

Things to consider when buying a hammock stand or hammock stand set


the price of a hammock standAs with all items, the cost is something that is important to us all. Luckily there are a wide range of hammock stands and hammock with stand sets that cater for a wide range of budgets.

If you are a little strapped for cash, then one of the high end wooden hammock stands that cost in excess of $200 probably isn’t going to be a necessity that you require. However, one of the cheaper (and more portable) 9 ft steel hammock stand sets with a hammock included will be a lot more affordable and some of the cheapest hammock with stand stets can be purchased for around $60!

As you can see in our top hammock stand list, one of the best hammock with stand combo sets (The Vivere space saving 9 ft hammock with stand) is often available for under $100 and it is a great piece of kit that is suitable for the majority of peoples needs.

Even if you only have $100 allocated to purchasing a hammock stand you still have many very high quality and durable stands available at this price. If you have around $200 to spend, you have a great deal of freedom and only high end wooden hammock stands are likely to be out of the question.

One last point with the price to consider, is often the price of an item and the quality go hand in hand. Therefore if you do purchase a cheap hammock and stand set, it may not be quite as long lasting as slightly more expensive alternatives. As we have already mentioned however, if you opt for the Vivere hammock stand set you are getting very good quality at a fairly affordable price.

Buyer Reviews and buyer FAQ’s

hammock stand ratinBuyer reviews are extremely important and have completely changed the way we shop. Reading buyers reviews is an excellent way to quickly see how others feel, highlighting how the hammock stand could be improved or how perfect they consider the hammock and stand set to be. You can also compare different hammock stands incredibly quickly simply by looking at the average buyer rating and the volume of reviews left.

Buyer reviews are also incredibly useful as they can often provide you with small details that the manufacturer may have left out of their product description. They can also highlight any issues with delivery, packaging and assembly.

The FAQ’s left by buyers are also great for further knowledge of the product you are deciding on. When it comes to hammock stands the FAQ’s can also be a massive help when deciding if the hammock stand will fit your hammock (if of course you are not buying a hammock with stand set).

You will often find with hammock stands, that they are either very well rated or very poorly rated by buyers, which makes life fairly easy for the consumer as you can often clearly see the best choices. When compiling our lists of the best hammocks with stands, buyer reviews are one of the main factors taken into consideration.

Material and function/portability

Portable hammock stand carry bag illustrationThe material of the hammock stand goes hand in hand as to where you will use the stand. For example a wooden hammock stand weighs more than a steel hammock stand and is a lot harder to carry, wooden hammock stands are also not as quick and easy to put together or take apart. With this in mind it is clear that a wooden hammock stand is not a particularly useful stand for portability and is therefore better suited as a stationary object in the yard or on the porch.

If you are looking for a portable hammock stand a space saving 9 ft hammock stand is by far the best choice. These hammock stands have been specifically designed for portability and often come with a carry bag to make life even easier when out and about. They are also very quick and easy to assemble and take apart.

When choosing the material of your hammock stand you should consider:

  • Price – wooden hammock stands are often a fair bit more expensive than steel hammock stands
  • Portability – if you need a portable hammock stand a wooden hammock stand is out of the question
  • Preference – many agree that wooden hammock stands look more stylish than steel hammock stands


hammock stand length illustrationFor most, a nice (and fairly compact) 9 ft space saving stand is going to be more than adequate. The stand is large enough to accommodate the majority of users and leaves a fairly small footprint when compared to larger stands. This makes it ideal for using indoors or perhaps on a porch where space may be limited. They are also the most convenient, easy to assemble and portable.

There are of course longer steel hammock stands and longer wooden ones that range from 10 ft to 15 ft in length and these are great for use out in the yard and around your property. They are however less portable and heavier than the 9 ft long hammock stands.

If you are really pushed for space a steel upright hammock chair stand may be the best choice as they leave the smallest footprint overall. They are ideal for use indoors and also outdoors, however, you are limited to only using hammock chairs on this style of hammock stand.

If you already own a hammock and are looking for a hammock stand to fit it, most manufacturers should specify what hammock lengths the stand can accommodate so make sure you pay attention to this. You can also often find out what length of hammock is suitable by checking the FAQ’s and buyer reviews on each stand, as many will mention the size of their hammock when deciding on a purchase or when leaving a review.

It is a far easier option however, to purchase a hammock with stand included to remove any problem of finding a suitable stand.

Weight capacity

hammock stand weight capacity illustrationIn general most horizontal hammock stands can hold in excess of 400 lbs whereas many of the upright hammock chair stands hold about 300 lbs. The majority of steel and wooden horizontal hammock stands average at around 450 lbs.

If you are purchasing a hammock separately to a hammock stand you need to ensure that you check the hammock weight capacity for suitability also.

It is also worth making a note of the combined weight of both you and your partner if you are planning on using a double hammock together to ensure the hammock and stand set you choose will be adequate.

For fairly obvious reasons you shouldn’t risk exceeding the recommended weight capacity when using a hammock stand. You run the risk of breaking the hammock or the stand and giving yourself an injury if the hammock stand buckles under your weight.

As always double checking the buyer reviews is an excellent way to find out how strong a hammock stand really is. You will soon see if a hammock stand is as strong as the manufacturer claims. For the most part you will find that the recommended weight capacity is correct in most hammock stand product descriptions.

Purpose and hammock type

Will you be using your hammock to sleep in? Or simply relaxing on during hot summer afternoons?

If you are planning on sleeping in your hammock then a double Brazilian style hammock often included with the 9 ft long hammock stands is an ideal solution, as is any hammock that wraps around you to keep you cocooned in. They are also great hammocks for kids as they keep them securely positioned.

On the other hand a spreader bar style hammock, often included with longer 10 – 15 ft hammock stands will be pretty useless when trying to sleep as they do not cocoon you and wrap you in securely. However spreader bar style hammocks are great for relaxing in when sunbathing, provided you don’t accidentally fall asleep.

If you like to sit and sway while relaxing and reading a book, an upright hammock stand with a hammock chair would suit you well, you can tuck it away in the corner of the room or out on the porch. Hammock chair stands are great ideas for kids to relax in also.

Will you be leaving your hammock stand outdoors?

cloud illustrationIt it often recommended that you do not leave your hammock stand outdoors in bad weather, even though most hammock stands are treated to be weather resistant.

Steel hammock stands will usually have a powder coated finish to protect against rust and weathering, whereas wooden hammock stands also have a protective coat. However, even if a hammock stand has a weather resistant coat, it is best to be on the safe side as wear can still occur.

For smaller, more portable hammock stands it isn’t a great deal of hassle to disassemble them and bring them inside for the winter months, as you can do it in no time. For larger 15 ft steel hammock stands you can also disassemble them, but they take a little longer and are a little more effort, much like wooden hammock stands.

You may wish to invest in a protective cover for your hammock stand if you wish to avoid having to completely disassemble it. Or store it somewhere outdoors undercover.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are just a few of the questions that get asked on a regular basis from those looking to buy a hammock stand or a hammock with stand set. These will be added to over time.

How easy is it to remove a hammock from a stand for washing/storage?

Removing a hammock from a stand is incredibly easy and often will only take a minute or so. This is ideal should you wish to remove the hammock after every use should you prefer not to keep it outdoors with the stand.

The benefits of using a hammock stand infographic

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