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Potenza Crossbar Hammock and Steel Stand – Various Colour Options

Amazon.co.uk Price:  £179.95 (as of 26/09/2023 03:35 PST- Details)

  • Potenza 2 person crossbar hammock and stand
  • 220 KG weight capacity
  • Hammock stand measures 350 x 125 x 120 cm (L x H x W)
  • Weighs 24 KG
  • Hammock bed measures 220 x 160 cm (L x W), full length of 320 cm
  • Graphite hammock stand
  • 70% cotton and 30% polyester hammock
  • Easy to assemble
  • Cocoon style hammock set also available via retailer
  • Wide range of other colour options also available
  • 24 months warranty from Potenza


Potenza Crossbar Hammock and Steel Stand - Various Colour OptionsThe very popular and well rated Potenza hammock and stand is available in a wide range of colour options.


The hammock and stand set is able to hold a very respectable 220 KG making it one of the best hammock and stands top opt for if you are in need of a heavy duty option.


The curved style hammock stand measures 350 x 125 x 120 cm (L x H x W) and weighs 24 KG.


The spreader bar (croosbar) style hammock bed measures 220 x 160 cm (L x W) and has a full length of 320 cm making it ideal for two adults at a time.


The Graphite hammock stand is (according to the manufacturer) so weatherproof that you can leave it outdoors all year round thanks to the special coating which makes it more resistant to environmental damage. Any weather damage is also backed up with Potenzas 24 month warranty.


The hammock and stand can be set up in around 10 minutes and many agree that it is a fairly easy hammock and stand set to assemble when following the instructions.


The hammock is made from very comfortable and durable materials and consists of 70% cotton and 30% polyester. With a 2.2 kg fabric weight and a thickness of 320 g/m2.


This Potenza hammock stand is also available with a cocoon style hammock on visiting the retailer. Cocoon style hammocks are a better choice to opt for if you are planning on sleeping in your hammock as they wrap you up.


You can also choose from a wide range of colours for this crossbar style hammock variation with the stand via the retailer.


This Potenza hammock and stand set comes with a 24 months warranty from Potenza, should your hammock stand combo set be damaged due to mechanical or environmental harm Potenza will replace the stand immediately.


Reviews for this hammock and stand set are very good and many are extremely happy with assembly, comfort and quality provided. Many are also very satisfied by how well the hammock stand holds up against heavy weight making it a very good heavy duty option.