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Is Sleeping in a Hammock Beneficial?

With the increase in manufacturers creating steel hammock stands that are both portable and fairly compact, more and more people are able to have access to a hammock in the comfort of their own yard.

9 foot long steel hammock stand sets are becoming increasingly popular due to their space saving design, especially for use indoors during the colder months.

With many who sleep in hammocks on a regular basis excited about what a great night’s sleep they get, some may wonder if there is any proof behind this phenomenon or if it is simply by luck that some claim to have had a good night slumbering in a hammock?

Amazon Basics Fabric Hammock with StandA study published in the Current Biology journal involving a group of 12 participants recently found that when laying on a slowly rocking bed, individuals tend to fall asleep quicker and showed brain activity that would suggest each participant was in a deeper level of sleep.

Conducted by the University of Geneva the study asked each volunteer to take a nap on a stationary bed for 45 minutes and a custom made rocking bed for 45 minutes while the activity in their brains was monitored.

For years many have believed that a gentle rocking motion is ideal for getting young children and babies off to sleep and it now appears that a gentle swaying motion could in fact help adults fall asleep faster also.

As the study by the Geneva University showed if you do have trouble when drifting off to sleep in a bed perhaps you could try using a hammock a couple of nights a week to see if it does make any difference.

Another notable event that the study found was that the test subjects showed brain activity that corresponds to a deeper level of sleep.

This may also be a contributing factor as to why those who sleep in a hammock, often feel quite refreshed and do not seem to have a bad word to say about it.

When you are in the deeper levels of sleep science suggests that this is the time your body is able to heal and repair itself more effectively.

A better quality sleep is also known to boost and strengthen your immune system.

One of the main things many like about sleeping in a hammock is the way the hammock can wrap you up in a cocoon like shape, the feeling of being securely enclosed is one that most find quite comforting.

One benefit to sleeping in a hammock that some may find is that due to the wrap around nature of the material, you are less likely to toss and turn throughout the night and this in turn may help you get a better nights rest.

However, you should not attempt to sleep in a hammock that has spreader bars, when people talk about sleeping in a hammock they will often be referring to using a Mayan or Brazilian hammock.

Spreader bar hammocks are not the best choice to sleep in, but are great for relaxation.

A spreader bar style hammock such as the hammock pictured will not wrap around you or keep you very secure, if you roll around a lot in your sleep you will probably wake up on the floor in the middle of the night.

Using a hammock such as this one from AmazonBasics or this Vivere hammock and stand set is by far a much safer option.

If you do find yourself staring at the ceiling when trying to get to sleep it would appear that setting up a hammock or a hammock and stand combo in your bedroom may be an excellent choice.

As mentioned earlier the 9 foot long hammock stands have been designed to be a space saving solution to laying horizontally on a hammock.

All you need to be aware of is the space you have in your home so be sure to check the constructed dimensions of the hammock stand you own or intend to buy before setting up the stand or making a purchase.

Whether you are looking for a hammock simply for relaxation purposes or as an alternative for your bed it would seem that using a hammock is maybe more beneficial to your overall well being than many may consider.

If you are looking for a space saving 9 ft hammock stand to put in your bedroom or use in your home we would highly recommend either the Amazon hammock and stand set or the Vivere hammock and stand that are linked above.

Both are highly recommended and feature in our top 3 best hammock and stand sets.

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