If you are looking for a space saving vertical hammock chair stand with a hammock chair or air chair included then below you will find a large selection of some of the best hammock c-stands with hammock chairs available. Save time and avoid the hassle of having to find a C-stand or vertical hammock stand that will fit your hanging hammock chair by choosing one of the high quality hammock stand combination sets from top rated outdoor brands including Sunnydaze Decor and Bellezza.

The hammock chair and stand combination sets are ideal for use indoors and out and come in a number of styles and designs whether you are looking for a more hammock like chair or air style chair. Able to hold a minimum of 250 lbs in weight up to a large 330 lbs there are a number of options on offer that will suit a wide range of body types. The air chair stands are easy to assemble and come complete with everything you need to be set up and relaxing within minutes.

Almost all of the hammock chair stand combo sets below have hammock chairs and C stands that are available to buy individually, if you already own a hammock stand you may wish to take a look at our hammock chair category page for a wide variety of chairs or you can mix and match hammock chairs with vertical hanging hammock chair stands to find your perfect combination.

After reading the product descriptions on each individual page you can also take a look at what other buyers have said in their hammock chair and C stand reviews to get a good overview of the highlights of each combo set. If you are still in doubt if the hammock chair set is right for you, on visiting the retailer you may also read the FAQ’s asked by other potential buyers as these provide excellent insight into further product specifications that the manufacturer may not have included.

Take a look in the tab below to find out what we consider to be the best hammock chair with C stand combination set available.

If you are not sure what the best hammock chair and C stand set is for you, why not consider one of the highly rated hanging hammock swing chairs and vertical hammock stands listed here as they are considered to be the best rated out of all that are available. If you would like to read more on each of the hammock chair stand sets listed below you can do so on visiting each individual product page where you will find more information and you can also read all of the highly positive reviews left by buyers of the same hammock chair stand combo set.

Sunnydaze 40″ Hanging Caribbean XL Hammock Chair with Adjustable Stand

Great for people of all sizes this extra large hammock chair with a height adjustable stand is one of the most popular. The hammock stand is able to adjust between 79″ and 93 inches in height making this a very personalized experience, ideal anyone who is particular about how they like their comfort.

A highly comfortable and very large hammock style hanging chair with a large and very sturdy stand combination, in our opinion this is one of the best chair hammock and stand combinations available and many who have bought this combo set completely agree.

Sunnydaze 26″ Wide Hanging Hammock Chair with 7 ft C Stand

  • Available in 3 color options
  • Weight Capacity: 300 lbs
  • Price: $$
  • Components can also be bought separately
  • 1 year manufacturers warranty from Sunnydaze
  • Our Rating: 4.8 / 5 
  • View color options
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A nice solution for those looking for an average sized hammock chair, this hammock chair is more of an air chair in style and design with the nice added feature of a footrest allowing for a more horizontal position when hanging around.

Complete with the equally stylish Sunnydaze Decor hammock C-stand this combo set is sturdy and durable and a great solution for people of various heights. A very affordable C-stand with hammock chair combination set.

Sunnydaze Jumbo Hanging Chair Hammock Swing and C-Stand

A jumbo sized solution that really allows you to spread out in the hammock chair, with a large 330 lbs weigh capacity this is one of the most durable and spacious hammock chair stand sets around that is one of the most suitable for anyone taller or larger than average.

An exceptional jumbo hammock chair with stand that is a great space saving solution for those that wish to relax in a more horizontal position. As with all Sunnydaze products this jumbo sized chair and stand come complete with a 1 year guarantee back by the manufacturer.

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