If you are looking for a large and comfortable double spreader bar style hammock then our selection below should have something that will be perfect for all of your needs. We have selected what we consider to be some of the best spreader bar hammocks around from top brand names including Caribbean Hammocks and Sundale, all are available to buy in the US at very reasonable prices.

A spreader bar hammock is the perfect way to relax in the yard or even indoors, they can be easily setup on a steel or wooden hammock stand and can provide perfect comfort for years without deterioration. With weight capacities ranging from around 450 lbs to 600 lbs these 2 person hammocks are perfect for sharing with a loved one and many of them are large enough to accommodate the whole family (providing the kids are still fairly little). These high quality hammocks are often extra wide and come in a range of bright colors and striped patterns allowing you to easily color co-ordinate them with the surrounding decor.

On this page you will find only spreader bar hammocks without hammock stands, if you are looking for a spreader bar style hammock with a steel hammock stand or one with a wooden hammock stand then we have a wide range to choose from in other areas of our site. Some of the spreader bar hammocks listed below are available in a hammock and stand combo set should you want to be sure you get a perfect stand to fit the hammock you choose, alternatively if you are looking to buy a hammock stand separately from the spreader bar hammock then take a look at some of the 15 feet long hammock stands we have available as these should fit all of the hammocks below very comfortably without the need for additional hardware or chain.

All of the spreader bar hammocks below are very highly rated and have all received good ratings of over 4 out of 5 stars or more by our editor and numerous buyers that have reviewed the hammocks after purchase. Take a look in the next section for a quick overview of each of the spreader bar style hammocks we have on offer and also find out which one we consider to be the best hammock with spreader bars around.

Based on our opinions and buyers opinions these are some of the better spreader bar hammocks available, all are 2 person and very highly rated. Have a look below to see why we consider these hammocks to be some of the best and most popular around.

Caribbean Hammocks Jumbo Double Hammock

As always the quality of the brand Caribbean Hammocks shines through making this one of the best Caribbean hammocks when searching for a spreader bar style hammock. Although Caribbean hammocks tend to be a little more expensive than some of the other brands, most who try a Caribbean Hammock product are instantly satisfied and rarely complain about the little bit extra they may have paid.

Along with being very popular this hammock has received some very positive reviews. If you are after a good looking and high quality spreader bar style hammock and value comfort above all else, then this hammock from Caribbean Hammocks is one of the best hammocks you can get and is also available in a combo set with a 15 ft steel stand. With a number of color options to choose from you can express your personality and relax in complete style and comfort both indoors or outside. The 600 pound weight capacity also makes this hammock a more durable option to consider over the majority of spreader bar hammocks that are able to hold less weight.

Best Choice Products Quilted Double Hammock

  • Weight Capacity: 450 lbs
  • Overall dimensions: 135″ X 55″ (75″ X 55″ bed length)
  • Price: $$
  • Detachable pillow included
  • Other color options available
  • Stand not included
  • Our Rating: 4.1 / 5 
  • View color choices below
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As with many Best Choice Products goods this quilted spreader hammock has proved to be very popular among consumers, made from strong and durable cotton this quilted hammock is able to provide a great deal of comfort and can easily accomadate two people at a time.

Although some are a little negative towards this product, for the most part many buyers are more than happy with the comfort and the good quality of the Best Choice Products Hammock. The main issue with this hammock as highlighted is it’s inability to withstand the weather very well, some complain of the colors fading in the sun after only a few days and others warn that this hammock takes a long time to dry if it is accidentally left out in the rain. Overall this would be a good choice if you are looking for an affordable and comfortable spreader bar hammock to use indoors, if however you need a hammock for outdoor use then the two above would be far better choices and opting for either would remove the need to constantly bring the hammock indoors when not in use.

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