Weight Capacity
Zupapa Steel C Hammock Frame Stand - 83" Height - 350 lbs Weight Capacity

Zupapa Heavy Duty Hanging Chair C-StandThere are a fair amount of hammock chair “C-Stands” available, however many of them have rather mixed reviews.

Simply based on buyer reviews the Zupapa C-stand does appear to be one of the best choices of C stand, however it is also the most expensive.

The first thing to consider, is whether buying the Zupapa C-stand is worth the additional cost. Especially since it is almost double the price of some of the more affordable hammock chair stands.

If after reading this review you feel the Zupapa stand is not worth the extra cost, do not worry as we will show you a couple of very good alternatives further down the page.

Zupapa Hammock Chair C – Stand features

  • The first feature that really jumps out at you is the claimed 350 lbs weight capacity. Since most C-stands can often only hold around 250 – 300 lbs this appears to make the Zupapa stand a more worthwhile choice. On delivery of the stand however, the box states this stand has a weight capacity of 330 lbs. While this is still better than most, it may irritate buyers who buy this solely based on its 350 lb claim.


  • Zupapa Steel C Hammock Frame Stand - 83" Height - 350 lbs Weight CapacityThe C stand measures 84 inches (7 feet) high in total which is fairly standard for an upright hammock chair stand. There are taller options available however, which will be a better choice if you have a large or jumbo sized hammock chair. We will look at these further down the page.


  • Like all C-stands the Zupapa stand is designed to save space. The x shaped base measures 32″ in width and 44″ in depth, meaning you can fit it neatly in a corner and use it indoors where space may be more limited. Although the x shaped base is not the most stable of designs for an upright hammock stand, there are rarely any complaints when the stand is used sensibly. For further stability the rounded feet of the base also feature holes so you can attach the base securely onto wooden or hard surfaces.


  •  The stand comes complete with a steel safety hook and a rug that the stand can be placed upon.

Are there any advantages the Zupapa C stand has?

As we have mentioned earlier the main reason to opt for this C stand over others is the 330 lbs weight capacity. This is especially impressive when compared to certain hammock C-stands that only hold 250 – 275 lbs.

Aside from the weight capacity and the additional rug that comes with the stand, there isn’t much else to separate this stand from the others available. However, the buyer reviews for the Zupapa stand are generally a bit better than almost every other c-stand on the market.

The disadvantages?

Unfortunately the price of this stand is the main issue. If it was $50 cheaper it would probably the best choice available.

This isn’t to say that the Zupapa stand isn’t a good choice though, especially if you feel you need the extra weight capacity.

However, if the weight capacity isn’t really an issue for you, you probably will not find any benefit in paying the extra cash for this stand. In fact you could save around $60 by opting for a fairly similar stand that has a lesser weight capacity of 300 lbs.


A cheaper alternative is the Giantex C hammock stand. At around half the price the only real difference is that it holds a lesser 300 lbs in weight.

The dimensions are also fairly similar – 31.5 x 43.5 x 82.6″ (W x L x H)

Hammaka Arc Hammock StandAnother good choice is the Hammaka Arc hammock chair stand. Although this is not a C – stand it is available in a similar price range to the Zupapa model and has some very good reviews.

The Hammaka arc stand ( Pictured) is also able to accommodate a wider variety of hanging chairs and hammock chairs, since it has an extension which boosts the 85″ height, up to 95″! The weight capacity on the Hammaka stand is 300 lbs.

You can read our review of the Hammaka Arc hammock chair stand here.

In Summary

As should be fairly evident from the rest of this review, if you are looking for a hammock C-stand with a little extra weight capacity this is a great choice.

However if you are indifferent with regards the weight capacity of your C-stand then you could save a fair bit of cash opting for another option.

You can take a look at more upright hammock stands and C-stands available here. You may also be interested in taking a look at some of the hammock C-stands that come with a hanging chair included here.

Overall though, this is a very well rated C-Stand that is ideal for most hanging chairs. You can find out more and read buyer reviews on visiting the retailer via the blue button below.