Vivere 15BEAM-BLK Hammock Stand, Heavy Duty 3 Beam 15 Foot Hammaock Stand, Black or Oil Rubbed Bronze


Weight Capacity
Vivere 15' Heavy Duty 3-Beam Black Hammock Stand

If you are after one of the best selling hammock stands available that has left a number of consumers very happy with their purchase, a hammock stand from Vivere is often of an exceptionally high quality. The good looking Vivere 15 ft hammock stand is one of the best 15 ft stands around, as well as one of the easiest to assemble. The Vivere 3 beam stand is ideal if you are looking for a stand that can be used with spreader bar style hammocks that measure between 10 – 15 ft in length.


Vivere 3 beam 15 ft Steel hammock stand key features


  • The Vivere 15 ft hammock stand is very well made large hammock stand that has a solid design and provides good support up to 450 lbs in weight. The heavy duty steel tubing combined with the powder coating makes this stand very long lasting and makes it a good long term investment.
  • The tool less clip together assembly makes putting this hammock stand together a breeze, The stand can be constructed and taken apart in a matter of minutes and measures 180 x 48 x 48 inches once constructed.
  • The hammock stand is also available in an oil rubbed bronze finish should the regular black hammock stand coloration not be to your preference.


Advantages of the Vivere 15 ft Steel hammock stand


  • The Vivere stand is suitable for use with spreader bar hammocks that measure between 10 to 15 ft in length, provided your hammock falls within these measurements you should have no trouble at all when using this stand, all of the necessary hardware is also included to hang a hammock with ease.
  • The ease of assembly is a real highlight of this Vivere 3 Beam hammock stand with some stating it is the easiest item they have ever assembled. The assembly instructions are provided on delivery and for most assembly should take 10 minutes at the very most. The easy pin clip system also means that there is no need for tools when assembling the hammock stand or when taking it apart.
  • The Vivere 15 foot steel hammock stand can fit a wide range of spreader bar hammocks. While Vivere manufacture a number of spreader bar hammocks than can be used perfectly with this hammock stand, you can also use it with a number of other hammocks with spreader bars between the lengths of 10 – 15 ft.


One downside to this steel hammock stand is mainly due to rust problems that a small number have experienced. Although the stand is powder coated a few say this is not enough, should you wish to leave the stand outdoors all year round. Many others have dismissed this however, stating their stand has been left outdoors for months without any rust issues occurring.

Due to the hammock stands easy assembly and disassembly, it should not be too inconvenient to deconstruct the stand during the wetter months to place it in storage or undercover, especially if rust is a worry to you.

Another option to consider if money is not an issue would be getting a hammock stand cover that you can find in our hammock stand accessories area, here you can also find the Vivere wheel kit that can be attached to this hammock stand allowing you to wheel the stand around your outdoor area.


Overall this is a very good hammock stand to consider for spreader bar style hammocks, the strong and durable design will be perfect for most and provided the stand isn’t left out in the rain it should be a long lasting wise investment. One last thing to note would be that the 450 lbs weight capacity is fairly standard for 15 foot hammock stands, if you are looking for a 15 ft stand with a larger weight capacity the Caribbean Hammocks 15′ steel stand may be a better choice as it can hold up to 600 lbs and is very similar in ease of assembly, price and quality.


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