Sunnydaze 2 Person Brazilian Steel Hammock Stand, 9 Foot, 400 Pound Capacity, Black, Bronze or Green


Weight Capacity
Sunnydaze 9 ft Brazilian Hammock Stand - Black

Are you looking for a space saving 9 ft steel hammock stand that will look stylish in your home or outdoor area? A hammock stand that is easy to set up and take apart and one that has a large weight capacity? Then the Sunnydaze 9 foot hammock stand may be the ideal stand for you. The durable design and tool-less assembly make this hammock stand an excellent choice if you are looking for a steel hammock stand that can fit Brazilian hammocks that measure between 10 – 12.5 feet in length.


Sunnydaze 9 ft Steel hammock stand key features


  • The hammock stand features 5 adjustable settings to accommodate hammocks that measure various lengths between 10 feet to 12.5 feet, the U shaped ends on the stand make it perfect for easily attaching a hammock to the stand, however this hammock stand is unsuitable for spreader bar style hammocks.
  • The hammock stand has hand tightened wing bolts and spring snap button joints allowing for easy assembly and deconstruction that requires no tools.
  • The stands 1.5 inch steel tube frame has been powder coated to ensure it is weather resistant allowing the stand to be used outdoors on the patio with a decreased chance of rusting.
  • The space saving steel stand measures 100 x 39 x 42 inches when fully assembled meaning it can be erected in a fairly small area such as in a bedroom or area where space is not in abundance.
  • The 400 lb weight capacity should be adequate for most and should also be able to easily hold a couple sharing a double hammock without any problem.


Advantages of the Sunnydaze 9 ft Steel hammock stand


  • The main advantage of the Sunnydaze steel hammock stand is how easy it is to assemble, requiring no tools the hammock stand should be a breeze to assemble in less than 10 minutes and comes with all assembly hardware included. The quick and easy assembly also makes the lightweight 25 lb hammock stand highly portable, as does the included carry bag allowing the stand to be easily packed up and transported on vacation and carried by hand over short distances.
  • The Sunnydaze 1 year manufacturers warranty also sets this hammock stand above some of the other 9 foot long hammock stands around, protecting your minimal investment should you have any problems on receiving the hammock stand.
  • The hammock stand is available in a black, bronze or green finish and can be easily wiped clean should you be using it outdoors. The black variation hammock stand can also be bought in a hammock and stand combo set with a double Brazilian hammock included, you can view all of the 9 ft hammock and stand combo sets by Sunnydaze here.


While some may find a 9 foot long hammock stand a little short for their needs the majority who are looking for a space saving steel hammock stand should find this a perfect choice whether the stand is to be used indoors in a confined space or outside.


Overall this highly portable hammock stand is best suited to anyone who may have trouble with DIY and assembly since it is so easy and quick to put together. While it is not the cheapest 9 foot long hammock stand available, the 1 year warranty from Sunnydaze makes this stand a worthy choice if you are in need of a durable, good looking steel hammock stand. Visit Retailer to check price for the Sunnydaze space saving 9 ft steel hammock stand.