Hammaka Hanging Chair Arc Stand, 85 – 95″ Height, 300 Pound Capacity, Black or Bronze


Weight Capacity
Hammaka Arc Hammock Stand

Hammaka Hanging Chair Arc StandThe Hammaka Hanging Chair Arc Hammock stand is a very good choice of upright hammock stand from a very reputable company.

The arc design is one that is not not seen very often, as many other brands tend to manufacture the often cheaper hammock chair C-stands.

The arc design is one feature that really makes this stand, stand out from the rest, since it is a very robust and heavy duty design. If you are in need of a sturdy hanging chair stand then this is a great choice.

Although there are cheaper hanging chair stands available, few, are as good value for money. Due to the strong and durable design this hanging chair stand is guaranteed to last for many years without significantly deteriorating.


Hammaka arc hammock chair stand features

  • The Hammaka chair stand measures 85″ in height, however with the addition of the 10″ extension bar you can boost the height of the stand to 95″ making it one of the tallest on the market.


  • The Hammaka Arc stand is able to hold up to 300 lbs in weight, which is a fairly standard amount for a hanging chair stand. If you require a hanging chair stand that can hold a little more weight the Zupapa C Stand is also a very good choice that can hold 330 lbs.


  • The Hammaka Hanging hammock stand features a trapezoid shaped base design which is great for stability. However, the downside of the trapezoid base is that, it isn’t quite as compact as other hanging hammock chair stands. The base of the stand measures 60″ wide at the back and 52″ wide at the front bar. The overall depth of the base is 48 inches.



The Advantages of the Hammaka Arc Stand

The main advantage of the Hammaka hanging Chair arc stand is the added option of extending the maximum height.

This small feature adds loads of versatility and value to this hammock chair stand and makes it a very safe choice no matter what hanging chair or hammock you need to hang.

Another stand out feature as we have already mentioned is the stable base. You are unlikely to feel unsafe while using this chair stand as it is so secure and wide.

Lastly the look of the Hammaka chair stand is incredibly stylish. Although this is a matter of opinion, many are likely to agree that this hanging chair stand looks a lot more stylish than regular C-stands. It is also available in a black or bronze finish and has a very good powder coat present to protect against wear and tear and bad weather.


In summary

When it comes to hammock chair hanging stands, the Hammaka arc stand is considered one of the best around for many reasons.

It is one of the tallest around as well as one of the most well built and stable on the market.

It is not the cheapest hanging chair stand available, but it is certainly excellent value and a good choice for longevity.

The fact this stand can also be used with most hanging chairs and hanging hammocks is also a massive bonus. Considering the height of this hammock stand you should have no effort at all finding a suitable hanging chair or hammock chair to use with it.

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