Caribbean Hammocks Hammock Stand, Heavy Duty 15 foot Metal Tri Beam Hammaock Stand, Mocha finish


Weight Capacity
Caribbean Hammocks 15-ft Metal Hammock Stand

Are you looking for a 15 ft hammock stand that will not buckle under pressure? Do you have a tight budget to stick to but want to ensure you are getting one of the best 15 foot hammock stands available? Then the Caribbean Hammocks 15 feet long steel hammock stand is guaranteed to suit you perfectly. The Mocha colored finish makes this steel hammock stand aesthetically stand out from the majority and the easy assembly will allow you to be relaxing in no time. Designed to hang almost any spreader bar style hammock this low priced 15 ft stand is well worth the investment.


Caribbean Hammocks 15 ft Steel hammock stand key features


  • Made from the strongest steel in the industry (12 gauge steel) with a tube diameter of 2 inches this is a very strong hammock stand that has a huge weight capacity of 600 lbs, the heavy duty design ensures that this hammock stand will not need replacing in a hurry.
  • The stand can be assembled in under 5 minutes and requires no additional tools or any high level of DIY know how. The spring pin assembly also makes the stand very easy to dismantle should you like to store it or move the stand around frequently.
  • The powder coated rust resistant paint finish makes this hammock stand suitable for use all year round. Although we wouldn’t often recommend leaving a steel product out in wet weather even with powder coating in place, the powder coat should keep the stand looking good for longer and reduce any deterioration from bad weather.


Advantages of the Caribbean Hammocks 15 ft Steel hammock stand


  • The easy assembly of this hammock stand makes it one of the more practical 15 foot steel hammock stands available. 15 foot stands are often rather bulky and hard to maneuver however with the quick spring pin assembly feature you can take the stand apart and reassemble it anywhere in minutes, removing the need to buy a wheel set or risk leaving the stand out in bad weather conditions.
  • The heavy construction of the hammock stand and the 600 lbs weight capacity should certainly be enough to easily hold a pair of people on a double hammock. With some other 15 feet steel hammock stands only being capable of holding around 400 – 450 lbs in weight this hammock stand is often superior and provides better safety and stability than most.
  • Since the stand is approximately 4 foot in height Caribbean hammocks state this stand is only suitable for all spreader bar style hammocks, however many have used it with other double hammocks such as Brazilian hammocks. You may find if you do choose to use the stand with a non spreader bar hammock you will need to knot the ends a little or find another solution to prevent the hammock from hanging too low. The hammock stand comes complete with all of the necessary hardware and chains included. If you are looking for a stand that is built specifically for non spreader bar hammocks it may be a better choice to consider one of the shorter hammock stands, many of the space saving 9 ft hammock stands are a great choice and should accommodate most two person hammocks with ease.


One thing to bear in mind with this hammock stand and most other 15 ft stands is that it is rather heavy on delivery and once constructed. Weighing around 55 lbs this isn’t a hammock stand you are likely to want to take hiking. If you are not one for heavy lifting it may also be a good idea to have someone on standby when you assemble the stand for the first time.


If you are looking for a strong and durable 15 ft steel hammock stand then this is highly recommended, the ‘cold rolled’ 2 mm thick steel tubes make this hammock stand stronger than most others available and also make it a longer lasting product that is less likely to need replacement every few years. Overall this is a high quality hammock stand that provides excellent value for money, the stand is also very competitively priced when compared to other 15 ft steel hammock stands that are in many ways inferior to this one. Visit Retailer to check price for the Carribean Hammocks 15 ft steel hammock stand.

The metal tribeam stand is also available in a black finish, with a spreader bar hammock included – Caribbean Hammocks jumbo hammock and stand combination set. (Numerous hammock color options are available)