Best Choice Products Steel Hammock Stand, 9 Foot, 450 Pound Capacity, Black


Weight Capacity
Best Choice Products 9' Steel Hammock Stand with Carrying Case

Best Choice Products Double Hammock with Space Saving 9 ft Steel Stand - Desert Stripe - 450 lbs Weight CapacityIf you are in need of a steel hammock stand to use in a small area of space and do not wish to spend a great deal of cash the Best Choice Products 9 foot hammock stand is an affordable hammock stand to consider. The Best Choice Products stand of the most popular hammock stands as well as one of the cheapest. This hammock stand is ideally suited for smaller hammocks, if you do not already own a hammock a good option to consider may be the Best Choice Products double hammock and stand combo set (Pictured right) to ensure the hammock fits the stand perfectly.


Best Choice Products 9 ft Steel hammock stand features


  • The 9 foot steel hammock stand measures 115 (Length) x 48 (Width) x 43 (Height) inches once assembled and leaves a fairly small footprint should you want to set the stand up indoors or on a small porch or patio outdoors.
  • Weighing 26 lbs the hammock stand is easy to transport in the carry case that is included. When packed into the case the hammock stand will easily fit in a car and will not be too heavy should you need to carry it by hand over a short distance. The stand is however a little too heavy to take on a hiking trip.
  • The stand features adjustable holes at each end of the hammock stand allow for various sizes of hammock and let the user have freedom over the amount of slack their hanged hammock has.


Advantages of the Best Choice Products 9 ft Steel hammock stand


  • The best thing about the 9 foot hammock stand from Best Choice Products has to be the low price, the hammock stand is also regularly available at a reduced price often making it one of the cheaper options of 9 ft steel stands available.
  • The 450 lb weight capacity claimed by the manufacturer is more than enough for most. While some have said the stand may not be capable of holding this amount of weight, many consider this stand to be a fairly capable and durable hammock stand that is both strong and lightweight.
  • The stand is easy to assemble as many 9 ft stands tend to be, most should have no problem piecing this hammock stand together in minutes without the need for additional tools, a good choice should you need a more portable hammock stand.


Although some feel that this Best Choice Products hammock stand is a little small for some hammocks many who have used it with smaller hammocks under 10 ft in length have no complaints. If you do find the task of finding a hammock to fit your hammock stand a little daunting a hammock and stand combo set is highly recommended. If you are considering buying this hammock stand we would suggest taking a look at the Hammock and stand set from Best Choice products as you will get a hammock included for a little extra cost.


Overall this hammock stand is an excellent choice if you need a space saving solution, providing great value for money for a relatively small investment. The low price is guaranteed to interest many and most should find this stand a high quality durable product that is fairly easy to assemble in a short space of time. Visit Retailer to check price for the Best Choice Products space saving 9 ft steel hammock stand.