The Essential Steel Hammock Stand Buying Guide

If you already own a hammock a steel hammock stand is an affordable and useful piece of equipment that can save you a great deal of time and hassle when trying to set up your hammock. Gone are the days where you have to find to perfectly placed trees to hang your hammock from when you are in the great outdoors, with a steel hammock stand you can use your hammock anywhere indoors or out providing space is not an issue.

If you are looking for a steel hammock stand but are not sure where to start numerous options available the information below should aid you in making an informed buying decision. In the below chart you will see a range of some of the best steel hammock stands available that you may wish to take a closer look at.

Please note that the steel stands below do not come with a hammock included, should you wish to learn more about hammocks with steel hammock stand combinations take a look at our ultimate guide below this section.

Things to consider when buying a steel hammock stand

Caribbean Hammocks Jumbo Hammock and 15 ft Tribeam Stand - Multi Color YellowThe best steel Hammock stands are likely to be constructed using heavy duty steel, the majority of hammock stands are made from 12 gauge steel which refers to the thickness of the steel used to create the stand. While this thickness of steel is capable of holding large amounts of weight it is good to check the weight capacity of each of the hammock stands before deciding on purchase as the quality of the welding will mean the hammock stand can provide more safety and be less likely to buckle under too much weight. Most hammock stands made of steel are capable of holding up 400 lbs and some are even capable of holding up to 600 lbs meaning the majority can accommodate either one or two people providing your hammock is also able to handle a similar weight capacity to stand.

A good steel hammock stand will often have around five hook holes allowing you to adjust the sag of the hammock and tighten when necessary allowing the user more control when adjusting it for maximum comfort. Many of the hammock stands available come complete with all the accessories, chains and hooks that you will need to hang your hammock and you can also purchase extra chain if necessary at any local hardware store.

Many steel hammock stands need assembly on receipt however many require no tools to set up and the majority of the steel stands listed here will take the average person without any DIY skills no longer than a few minutes to construct. Most hammock stands come with easy to follow instructions and when tools are required many manufacturers include these with the hammock stand, before deciding to make a purchase check what others are saying in regard to set up and assembly as while some may find it effortless others may have experienced a little trouble. YouTube videos are also a great resource should you get stuck when trying to assemble your hammock stand.

Nearly every hammock stand made of steel listed below will be finished in a powder coat protecting the stand from rust as well as protecting it from the weather and prolonging its use. While this is not recommended that your hammock stand is not left outside all year, some stand up to the elements better than others, on each product you are considering, take a look at some reviews from other consumers in regard to how well their hammock stands have held up against bad weather if they have been left outside for a long period of time, as some powder coated steel hammock stands are a lot more weather resistant than others.

The advantages of a steel hammock stand

The great thing about many steel hammock stands is their portability, many of the stands, especially the 9 foot steel hammock stands, come complete with a carry case and are fairly lightweight should you wish to pack them in the trunk of your car or take your hammock stand on a hiking trip. No longer will you need to spend time suspending your hammock from a pair of trees when you have access to a portable steel hammock stand. Considering most hammock stands can be constructed and deconstructed within around five minutes or less they are a real time saver allowing you to hang your hammock wherever you want within a few minutes.

While steel hammock stands may not be as aesthetically pleasing as some that are made of wood the price is one of the major benefits of opting for a steel stand over a wood stand. While many of the wooden hammock stands are slightly better at standing up to the elements many of them are not capable of holding as much weight as their steel counterparts that are often able to hold up to 2 people with relative ease.

If you are planning on using your steel hammock stand indoors there are a number of 9 feet space-saving options available that can be left up all year round in your home. Unlike the more bulky wooden hammock stands, steel hammock stands are a lot easier to transport and take apart, they also have the handy ability to be moved freely around the garden when avoiding the shade making them a perfect solution to use indoors and out all year round.

How much does a steel hammock stands cost

One of the main advantages of buying steel hammock stand is they cost a lot less than a lot of the wooden stands available. Whether you are looking for a 9 foot stand or a 15 foot hammock stand you can usually expect to pay between $80 and $150. While features do not differ greatly as the price increases some of the main things to take into consideration would be weight capacity and the type of hammock the stand is suitable for.

In the majority of cases a steel hammock stand is unlikely to set you back more than $120 and in many cases you can buy a steel hammock stand with a hammock included for a little extra. Generally steel hammock stands do not differ much in style or quality and as you can see the table above the more money you spend does not necessarily guarantee that the more expensive hammock stand will be better than some of the cheaper options around. Before deciding on a purchase ensure that you have read what other customers have said about the hammock stand you are deciding to buy, and pay particular attention to how durable the stand is and whether it stands up to rust should you choose to leave it outdoors. Also take into consideration how easy the stand is to assemble and should you wish to transport it how heavy the stand is.

Finding the best steel hammock stand

One of the main things to consider when buying a steel hammock stand is the size and the weight capacity can accommodate, when searching around do not assume that the 9 feet stands are less capable than the 15 feet stands as in many cases they can easily accommodate a person over 6 foot tall and in most cases hold similar weight capacities.

Where will you use your stand? If you are considering buying a steel hammock stand for your home, take into consideration the amount of space it will require to set up. Likewise if you are considering purchasing a hammock stand that you wish to take on vacation or hiking make sure it is one of the more portable steel hammock stands available, ideally a steel hammock stand with a carry case included would be preferable, but also ensure you check how much the deconstructed stand will weigh to be satisfied that you are capable of carrying it.

Will you be leaving your stand outdoors? If you do plan to leave your hammock stand outdoors for prolonged periods of time take a look at what other consumers have mentioned about each hammock stands ability to resist rust and wear from the weather. Since it is not recommended that you leave your hammock stand outdoors all year round, assembly is also something that should be taken into consideration. While the majority of hammock stands can be constructed and deconstructed within 5 to 10 minutes, if you are not very handy you may wish to look what other consumers have said with regards to any assembly trouble they may have encountered. This however should not be an issue for most, provided the assembly instructions from the hammock stand manufacturer are followed correctly.

Our Choices for the Best Steel Hammock Stands

Sunnydaze 9 Ft Brazilian Hammock Stand

At a reasonable price this is one of the best 9 ft steel hammock stands around, highly portable steel hammock stand that comes with its own carry case and ways just 25 lbs making it ideal for hiking and camping trips.

One of the easiest hammock stands to assemble it requires no tools and can hold a respectable 400 pounds.

One of the only downsides to this hammock stand is that it does not work well with spreader bar hammocks, however if you are looking for a space saving and highly portable hammock stand for use with Brazilian style hammocks this is one of the best around in our opinion.

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Sunnydaze hammock with 9 foot hammock stand

Vivere 15BEAM-BLK Heavy Duty 3-Beam Hammock Stand 15-Feet

This is probably the best, as well as the most popular 15 foot steel hammock stand available and also often one of the cheapest around.

With all of the quality that you can expect from a top outdoor furniture manufacturer such as Vivere, this hammock stand is able to hold up to 450 lbs and is also one of the easiest to assemble.

It is recommended that this steel hammock stand is used with spreader bar hammocks that measure between 10 and 15 ft, however for shorter hammocks you may need to purchase some additional chain.

Although it states this hammock stand is for use with only spreader bar hammocks many appear to have used it with different hammock types without any problem.

The only downside to this hammock is it is not as weather proof as it perhaps should be, with the main problem being that the paintwork either fades or becomes damaged if left outdoors for a significant length of time.

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Vivere 15 feet hammock stand and hammock

Caribbean Hammocks 15 Foot Tri Beam Hammock Stand 600lb Capacity

One of the better 15 ft steel hammock stands as well as often one of the cheapest.

With one of the largest weight capacities you can expect from a steel hammock stand, this is one of the most sturdy stands around, constructed of 12 gauge steel this hammock stand is able to hold up to 600 lbs.

While this hammock stand works especially well with one or two person spreader bar style hammocks, some may have trouble if they try to use Brazilian style hammocks with this stand.

The stand measures 4 ft high on each side and while some cannot get their Brazilian hammocks to fit, others have found a solution by knotting the hammock at each end to avoid it hanging too low.

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Caribbean Hammocks 15 foot hammock stand with brown hammock

Best Choice Products Space Saving Steel Hammock Stand 9′

The best choice products space saving 9 foot steel hammock stand is the cheapest steel hammock stand on the market.

Complete with a handy carry case and weighing just 26 pounds, this stand is perfect taking campaign for vacation, easy to assemble taking only two to three minutes to put together and take part.

With a 450 lb weight capacity you cannot go far wrong with this steel hammock stand or the Sunnydaze 9 ft hammock stand if you are looking for a well made, high quality portable hammock stand.

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Best Choice Products 9' Steel Hammock Stand with Carrying Case

Best Choice Products Hammock Stand 15′

A close runner-up to the Vivere 15 foot hammock stand this Best Choice Products steel hammock stand is one of the most sturdy and stable.

The stand features 360° welding for added strength and is able to hold up to 400 lbs securely and safely.

Able to accommodate a wide range of hammocks no matter what their length due to it’s adjustable chains, it is hard to find anything negative to say about this strong and well made hammock stand.

Almost everyone who purchased this stand have complemented it’s ease of use and quality design.

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Best choice products 15 foot hammock stand

A choice of one of the steel hammock stands above sure to leave most consumers highly satisfied. If you do not already own a hammock perhaps you should consider taking a look at some of our hammock and steel hammock stand combinations. Find out below what we consider to be the best steel hammock stand with hammock combo sets around.