The Essential Hammock with Steel Stand Combo Set Buying Guide

If you do not already own Hammock or stand then steel hammock stand and hammock combination set may be the perfect option, especially if you have concerns that buying hammock and stand separately may result in problems when trying to combine the two.

With the options below you need not worry about finding the right hammock to fit your stand as everything is included all in one package. In the chart below you will find some of the best steel hammock stand with hammock combo sets that you may wish to take into consideration. We hope the chart below will help you to make the task of choosing what hammock stand combination is best for you a lot easier when deciding on making a purchase.

Please note that many of the options in the below table are available with hammocks in a range of color options, to view more color options click on the links to each specific hammock stand combo.

Things to consider when buying a hammock and steel hammock stand combination set

As with steel hammock stands that come without a hammock included the steel hammock stands in the combination sets are constructed often using 12 gauge steel to ensure strength and stability. Due to the level of thickness of the steel used, steel hammock stands are more than capable of holding two people in a hammock at once. Most of the steel hammock stands and hammock combination sets below are capable of holding around 400-450 lbs worth of weight and most come complete with a double hammock easily capable of accommodating two people at a time. Do make sure that before deciding on a purchase you are aware of the weight capacity that can be held, especially if you are planning to use your hammock and steel stand combination set for two people.

The main difference in choosing whether to buy just a steel hammock stand on its own or choosing a hammock and stand combination set is you do not have to worry about the hammock fitting the stand. All of the hammock sets below feature everything you will need to be relaxing within minutes of receiving the hammock stand set, with the options on this page there is no need to buy any additional chain or any further accessories when hanging your hammock. As with when you buy a steel hammock stand to fit a hammock you already own, the hammock stand combination sets here have a number of hook holes that allow you to adjust the hang of the hammock and tighten when required.

Steel hammock stands are all very easy to assemble and for the majority of people setting up a stand will take anywhere from a couple of minutes to around 10 minutes, as mentioned earlier one of the main benefits of buying a combination hammock set is you can be sure that the hammock provided will perfectly fit the stand. Since all of the combination sets come complete with their own instructions on how to construct the stand and attach the hammock to it, no DIY skills are necessary with many of the hammock stands requiring no tools to set up. Those that do require tools for assembly more often than not have all the tools provided allowing you to get set up in a matter of minutes.

Sunnydaze 9 ft Steel Hammock Stand with Double Brazilian Hammock Combo - SunsetOne thing to take into consideration when choosing a steel hammock stand and hammock combo set is whether you will be leaving the set outdoors during the wetter months. User reviews are an invaluable resource for potential buyers to check whether not only the steel hammock stand but also the hammock remain in good quality when exposed to the elements. While most steel stands are powder coated some are able to resist rust far better than others, reading what others have said in reviews of each hammock stand is an excellent way to judge if you should leave your hammock stand out all year round. Another issue to take into consideration is with the hammock itself, as while many are made of UV resistant materials some will hold their colour whereas others may fade if exposed to prolonged periods in the sun’s rays.

With the majority of hammock stands we would recommend that they are taken indoors during the winter months, as this will enable you to get more usage from the stand for many more years. Since the steel hammock stands are so easy to construct and deconstruct packing them away in the winter months should not be too much of an issue, however if you do feel the need to keep your hammock stand out all year round then why not take a look at our accessories section where you can find hammock covers which will protect your hammock stand and hammock from the rain.

One of the last things to consider when deciding on what hammock stand combination set to purchase is whether you would prefer a spreader bar style hammock or a Brazilian style hammock. A Brazilian style hammock is probably a more safer option especially for those that are older or those of us that are less agile. The Brazilian style hammock wraps the user within it allowing the hammock to cradle the user while suspended, ensuring that the user is safely cocooned with no chance of them falling out of the hammock. If you are choosing to opt for a spreader bar style rope hammock, take in to consideration the material that it is made of as some materials may be more slippery than others and could jeopardise the safety of the user and may require some degree of balance and care especially when mounting and dismounting the hammock.

The advantages of a steel hammock stand with hammock set

One of the main advantages of steel hammock stands is that they can be effortlessly set up indoors or outdoors within a couple of minutes, whereas wooden stands are bulky and often complicated to manoeuvre, steel hammock stands are a lot more lightweight and convenient especially if you are planning on taking your hammock the road with you. As with many of the steel hammock stands available on our site many of those that include a hammock also come complete with a carrying case allowing you to easily transport and store the stand and hammock combination.

A hammock stand combination in steel is an inexpensive solution that allows you to conveniently hang your hammock, without having to rely on nature providing you with a pair of trees the right space apart from each other. While a steel hammock stand may not look quite as nice as a wooden hammock stand they are a lot cheaper and a lot more convenient and more lightweight.

Another great reason to buy a hammock and steel stand set rather than a steel stand to fit a hammock you already own, is that it eliminates the worry of having to find the correct hammock stand to fit your hammock providing the consumer with complete piece of mind that the hammock provided will fit perfectly.

How much does a Hammock with Steel Hammock stand Cost

While many of the hammock stands listed here can be bought as an individual item, buying them with a hammock included often only costs around $30-$50 extra.

For a space-saving 9 foot hammock stand with Brazilian hammock included you can expect to spend around hundred dollars, whereas for hammock stands that measure anywhere from 12 feet to 15 feet you can usually pick up for just over $100 with either a Brazilian or spreader bar rope hammock included.

Some of the largest 15 ft hammock stands available come complete with high quality jumbo sized hammocks, these can set you back between $250 – $300 as the hammock alone in these sets costs around $150 to purchase without the hammock stand.

Finding the best hammock and steel hammock stand combo

Size and Weight – The first thing to take into consideration when deciding on what hammock and stand set is best for you is how much weight capacity the set can hold and if it is going to be suitable for someone of your height. Although tall people that are over 6 foot may naturally think that a larger stand may suit them better, if you are tall do not rule out considering a 9 foot space saving hammock stand as many who are over six feet tall have reported that they are spacious and comfortable enough to accommodate them with ease.

Will you be sharing your stand? If you are planning on sharing your hammock and stand set it really shouldn’t be a problem as most sets listed on this page come with a double hammock included. Just be sure that you take into account how heavy the pair of you are combined and check the stands weight capacity before you decide on making a purchase, if you both weight less than 400 lbs together the majority of stands here should be ideal and even if you weigh more, there are stands that can hold up to 600 lbs.

Indoors or Out? the great thing about steel hammock stands is how easy they are to assemble and take apart often without the need for any tools meaning you can even set them up indoors, provided you have enough space. While a space saving 9 foot steel stand is a great choice for indoor use, space permitting there is no problem in buying a longer 12 or 15 foot stand should you prefer. The larger stands are just as easy to assemble and work great whether used indoors or out, just be aware that you may wish to have at least a foots space at either end of the stand to stop you from getting too claustrophobic.

Our Choices for the best hammock with steel stand combo sets

Jumbo Caribbean Hammock and Metal Tribeam Stand Combo

While this hammock stand is one of the most expensive here it has received some good ratings from some. Capable of holding a massive 600 lb weight capacity this hammock stand is very high quality and requires minimal tool less assembly. The set comes complete with a huge and luxurious Caribbean style hammock that is available in a range of color options, alone the hammock costs a fair bit and can easily hold two people at a time. While stand is portable, it really isn’t the sort of hammock stand that you would want to take hiking weighing around 56 lbs, however it can be easily taken apart to fit in the trunk of the car transported and stored with ease. The stand and hammock can also be bought separately and both come highly recommended.

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Caribbean Hammocks Jumbo Hammock and 15 ft Tribeam Stand - Orange

Vivere Double Hammock with 9 ft Steel Stand

If you are looking for high quality steel hammock stand with Brazilian hammock set at very low price, the Vivere 9 foot space-saving hammock stand is a perfect choice. Although it is not long as most other hammock stands it can still accommodate two adults with ease up to a weight of 450 lbs. Complete with a 100% cotton double hammock as well as a handy carry case allowing it to be taken anywhere this hammock stand is easy to erect and to dismantle. Many who have given this hammock stand highly positive reviews say how perfect it is no matter what height you are, a great solution for anyone looking for a hammock stand with Brazilian hammock that will not flip over as some spreader bar hammocks are prone to do. The stand is available with a number of different hammock color styles to choose from.

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Vivere Double Hammock & 9' Steel Stand - Tropical

Sunnydaze Double Fabric Hammock and 12 ft Stand Combo

If you are looking for a slightly cheaper option for a spreader bar hammock with steel stand the sunnydaze 12 foot hammock stand set is a good choice. The stand comes complete with a spreader bar hammock that is available in a range of material and colour options. In addition to this being one of the cheaper spreader bar hammock stand sets, it is also one of the most portable with the stand weighing only 25 lbs and the hammock 11 pounds. A good choice for anyone in need of a flat and spacious hammock with stand for two, with the only let down being the rather low 350 lbs weight capacity.

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Sunnydaze 12 ft Steel Stand with Melon Stripe Double Spreader Bar Hammock Combo Set

While we consider the 3 hammock and stand sets above to be the best we have some more options to choose from in our shop area if you would like a bit more choice!